Collectable resource: Gas

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Not sure if this has been mentioned before (I couldn’t find anything related!), and it’s something I’ve often thought is missing from sandbox games … We’re often given the ability to mine raw solid materials from the worlds we inhabit, but I’ve not seen a game that grants the ability to collect / harvest different gases - either from the world itself or to a lesser degree from various plant or animal life.

It would be nice if this was possible, as gases could take on different colours and effects and thus have different uses, such as in building materials, in weapons (i.e. stun grenade), or in healing etc.

It would also give us another tradable resource and possible profession - Just a thought anyway!


That would be fun and maybe some drug gas so it makes stuff look awesome then i have something too look for days

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That reminds me of the Spore game when you arrive to the civilization form, you have to create some recolector machines that they go and find some type of little holes into the ground each world has its colour and its like smoke coming out. it seems gas but are species that you can take for money and also in space form you can trade those with other creatures to get more money and create comercial routes. I would be great having things like that but more simple in Boundless, placeable machine and come later to recolect that gas or specie

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Absolutely awesome suggestion! Gas could also be a biproduct of heavy machines or burning fuel. Make gas from vents collectable, but loose gas uncollectable. You could then have gasses as a terrain hazard that would naturally spread and fill low lying areas like a heavy fog. Toxic swamps could be made into natural gas farms by tapping into the gas vents with pumps or wells. Perhaps each vent acts as a node with a limited amount of gas each, and takes extended periods of time to collect it. Hours? Days? So many awesome possibilities!


the only gas that could be collected is all the hot air coming out of your FACE. BURNT>!
But actually though, I would like to see some gaseous blocks in oort. It would be cool to build in your own fog.
I’d also like to see different properties of different gasses. You could set up poison clouds as defense.
Certain gasses might prohibit actions, like building or combat. Other gasses might give boosts to the player or something. Lot of possibilities.


It could also fund another profession (bottles, and other containers for gas)

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What if you could drug someone so he doesn’t have sound :smiley:
#Assassin preparations complete!

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Would be cool if, instead of having the 1000th game with health/mana potions, the characters would use inhalers to restore health & mana/energy/stamina but I´m not sure if this wouln´t force B< to put his:

on their Steam page :smile: