Collecting Sandstone

Currently it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to re-collect sandstone or polished sandstone. (It disappears when hammered/shoveled) Not sure if it is supposed to be this way or not but would be nice to at least be able to smash and pickup polished sandstone once placed, especially since you can chisel it and might screw up!

press “,” for infinite blocks :slight_smile:

Uh… having an infinite supply of nothing won’t help. :smile: Talking about collecting Sandstone.

I know what you mean @Apocalyptica and I’m not sure how to collect these. I accidentally ran out of them and tried to “collect” one to find that they wouldn’t drop when broken.

ooh sorry :smiley: You can craft them though :slight_smile: With 4 or 5 sand or something

I did not know that. I thought they were a base-level block. Good to know, thanks.

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It takes 16 sand for one polished sandstone, so if you place your last one by accident it is a PAIN to get that color again even if you have a handy pile of every color sand beside you.

I use infinite mode but still somehow manage to smash my last glass block all the time. :stuck_out_tongue: That one is understandable but the sandstone feels more like it should drop a block. Also - I can’t stock the last shelves at the block depot if they aren’t collectable! (you know how frustrating it would be to craft all this again?!)


Sand does not always yield the same color sand stone, and on some worlds, the color of the sandstone yielded by the world’s own sand is it the same as that worlds natural occurring sand. This can be rather frustrating when collecting sandstone or trying to match colors of the world you are on.

Also, polished sand stone is often much darker hue than the sand it is come from.

1 polished = 4 sandstone. 1 sandstone = 4 sand. 1 polished = 16 sand.

Edit: @Apocalyptica beat me to it by seconds . Any chance I could get some of your sand for that dark green to use on Kovah? Would make an awesome building material. This polished sandstone makes me super happy!

lapas - down the road from the capital on the left before “HELLO”. In the pyramid - try to replace anything you take. (hint- turn off blending)

(Thank @Jenndragonfly and @DarkRepulsor for the design… if I forgot someone I’m sorry!)

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Do polished sandstone reflect the environment?

No, but they do have a nice reflective feel. Nothing in game actually reflects environment except surface of water.

I’m searching for “white” sandstone. Any Ideas where i can find them ? I visited Lapas and tried to craft it but it diden’t worked :frowning:

Sandstone from Kovah is white, I believe.

It’s “light grey / rose” :frowning: But thanks for the tipp

You have to craft them not find them as far as I know. Not sure how it could not work unless you didn’t have 4 sand. Infinite blocks aren’t infinite when crafting, so you need to actually have 4 sand in your inventory.

I know :wink: I craftet them on Kovah -> not white.

Well, I’ve been known to be wrong occasionally. I’m not sure where else to look, but let us know when you find some, could prove useful.

Well you could grab white sand from the lapas store, go in infinite and put a few down then collect them again… should be good from there (dont forget to replace it on shelf!).

But if you’re looking for a bunch of one color somewhere:
(so white sand should be Wenton, Storial, or Ruchs)


Vaisier sandstone is white.

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Is it white when polished? I need a good marble look

Wenton, Storial and Ruchs are “light grey” (top left corner of your picture)