Colliding systems

Exo planets.

Is there any lore behind the occasional planetary visitors?

Meaning are they other solar systems colliding with ours?

It could set up some cool half destroyed planets migrating through, they could be called volatile bodies. And could potentially have other rare resources caused by such collisions or gravity disparities.

Wondering if the devs will provide some lore at some point. Wishing I could dive into the boundless intricacies.

Or or or . . . Hear me out . . . A planet of only roadrunners. Let the great hunts begin!

@devs please satiate my curiosity. My small oortian brain is trying to grasp the oort sciences.


Maybe the Boundless system there has an Oort Cloud! :wink: But in this case, it is composed of the exo worlds… they get knocked out of the cloud and fall into orbit then return every so often. There are so many though that you usually don’t see them twice - or they return as a totally different type due to where they wound back up in the cloud or due to collisions with other exos (since we have seen at least one name repeat!).

… The great Oort Astronomers have the whole thing mapped and all of them named for us already. :grin:

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Honestly this sounds silly at first glance, but we kinda need this.

Maybe make all the t6 exos have high roadrunner populations? To satisfy our need for their precious eyeballs and such.


I can see that making sense. Oort cloud made of millions of planetary bodies, act like comets except planets. Would make planetary or half destroyed planets plausible, especially if somewhat frequent.

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Beta. That is the name that has been repeated. Just plain Beta. Was first exo i went to. Blink exo. Came back as a T6