Color glitch based on distance

At a certain distance, the gleam in the wall of the small fortress appears red/pink (the “native” gleam color for Vaisier). A couple of steps later, it becomes green–what I’d put into the wall. What’s interesting is that only the particular wall facing me shows that color glitch as I move forwards and backwards. You can see the greenish tint on the sides, showing that the oblique walls are still rendering with green gleam.

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There’s most likely a LOD (level of detail) switch there. Close up is it green or purple or both? The LOD chooses the most popular (weighted with various rules) block of the 2x2x2 region in the higher detail mesh.

With screen shots can you turn on the debug info (press . key to cycle) as that shows the location. Thanks.

In the next update there is quite a significant change in rendering the distance that will make the lit and emissive areas look much more like the near by terrain so some artifacts will be fixed by that.


From this distance, how it ain’t supposed to be:

From this distance, how it is supposed to be (and when you’re right there or inside, it’s green):

Interesting that that the popularity rules are coming up with a color that doesn’t appear on the entire plateau. (There might be some purple/pink stuff buried in a cave underneath, but what’s there as placed is either green, or dark glass buried in a tunnel running between the multi-storied house and the green-walled fortress.)

I just noticed that the frame rate is unexpectedly low, too.

If we can get color-blinking as a feature, I’m totally using it. We’re going to Vegas, baby, Vegas!

And it appears to be just on that one side.