Color Hex Codes

Ever wanted to do this?


Well now you can.

Chat (say) brown:

Chat (shout) pink:

Chat timestamp grey:

Guild blue:

Hope the guild blue is useful for signs or something

Invisible similar to chat background grey:

Tonight I was joined by the wonderful @whitelet @KArios @Jaidic and others in a long quest to understand color hex codes.

We also found out that:
2 letter hex codes turn into the numbered tints (1-255)
3 letter hex codes are RGB
4 letter hex codes ignore the last letter and turn into the 3 letter hex code
5 letter hex codes (none of us understood this, so probably spawn of the devil hence PENTAgram)
6 letter hex codes are RGB
6+ letter hex codes ignore letters after the sixth and turn into the 6 letter hex code


Had a great time chillin with everyone and experimenting with the colors :blue_heart:


I’m also sharing some pretty reasonable colors I call the 48f and 69c series.


This is actually the next mobile app i want to do but i have to create a spreadsheet of all of them first. Going to take awhile.

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Going to chime in since I’ve dealt with printing and web design a bit in the past.
This is a great resource to see how it affects color blind people, measure readability, find the colors actual name, find complementary colors as well as a quick place to find conversions.


Strange. I found that #aamaa turned into the same color as #f86d6d. Can anyone help figure out how “m” got interpretted into a hex code?

it didnt, it stopped parsing at the m so you actually had the color #aa which is “color index 170” in the boundless palette; which is #f86d6d