Color of item in machine

I wish the color of the item I’m making would show on the list in the machine:


Hahaha I fully agree with you there!!! What I do to keep it in check is, put one refined in your inventory at a time. Then to know which gleams you’ve already done, move the ones youve qued over to the extreme right or left of your storage cube. Then back again the next time you go to craft more

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Or you could always use the never forgotten; ROY G BIV for colors :slight_smile:

What are those called? Anagrams maybe?

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It used to be in the tooltip of queued items but it vanished a few patches ago.
I miss it as well. :cry:

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Unfortunately with such an ambiguous item like wn LED block, that’s a hit and miss, however, other blocks such as rocks, compact soils, given enough crafting time do show the color, maybe not by words, but it does show a color being made. With woods and such however, crafting is instantaneous, so best to make sure the color you absolutely need is what’s in there.