Color Palettes (Color Palette Store? Color Combo suggestions)

Need opinions and hope this topic might start conversation.

I have been obsessing about color palettes lately and wondering if there are any stores that highlight building materials and specific potential color palettes. If not, would this be a store of interest to the community?

I love all the colors, and all my builds go with an all the colors palette; so it was easier for me to find pre-made palettes and then try to match boundless colors to those palettes. I’d love to see others’ favorite color combos!

Extra brainstorm: would a color palette contest be of interest? ie. choose a palette of x colors for a build that highlights… color!

Just thoughts. (shared impulsively!! :crazy_face:)

Extra extra: I love this community. I lurk in the forums and rush around in-game with my to-do lists, pretty much a loner in game… but I see and appreciate the amazing community that plays boundless together (and shares so much knowledge in these forums, and etc):heavy_heart_exclamation:


I recently was looking up color palettes actually. Wanted to generate a feeling of luxury in my shop and wanted to see what colors Google recommended. The first palate that came up was basically the one I already had (neutral subdued tones of sepia/mustard).

But generally - I’m interested in color theory and would be down to help create a palate showcase or something. Like an ikea showroom, or color design/boundless interiors. Idk


I’ll be following this one. I feel color blind these daze. Sometimes I think it’s the lighting of certain atmospheres… I dunno but a shop set up with color pallet examples would be kudos! Like farm school…


That would be a lot of fun! I would love to work on that project with you! Have you discovered the internet palette generators? I have been having fun with those. Might combine it with the internet art piece name generator and then develop pallets based on the weird names I get. My last randomly generated art piece titles were: 1) Nun Desecrating a Staircase; 2) Mind-Bending Idealism; 3) Torqued Demon of Desire. I could work with those! LOL (actually, this could be worked into a palette contest).


When talking about color, and when I first started playing the game I built a huge car called the galaxy cruiser it was my store. It was very bright and colorful basically wood. Then I moved rebuilt but not a colorful palette and I have to say I did not have near as many sales. So my input in color: the more colorful and warm a place is the more money you will make at your store! I spend more in a bright cheerful environment versus a dark one.


I really like the heart of the earth palette and the one below it.

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From looking at your profile pic of that painting…were you the one that does all of those really crazy awesome paintings of the home worlds? I remember seeing one quite a long time ago of possibly biitulas colors I think it was?

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This is good information! I like the idea of using pallets to hone my skills at combining and thinking about color combos. Pretty much all my builds use a rainbow theme, with as many of the colors as I can find :crazy_face: All the colors make me super happy, but I would also like to get more intentional and try to work with more limited palettes to create “moods”.

Yep. LOL. That was me. I haven’t painted through COVID for some reason… but boundless has been a great creative outlet. :slight_smile: I made a creation video of the Biitula painting back in 2018.

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You’re paintings are absolutely gorgeous!! Keep up the amazing work!!