Color question

im building an oort storage room and im currious
What color family does the dark purple of oortshards belong too?

I.e. magenta? Blue? Violet? Fuschia?

Would be nice to have gleam within the same or similar color family.

You can try checking using the reclaim ash method, place down any oort block variant (compact/refined) and then reclaim the beacon, it’ll turn to ash with their closest color.


I think blue… Probably between Night, Shadow and Strong

Edit: I tested it on creative like @Rydralain suggested and it becomes strong lavender ash!!


To add to this, if you don’t have, or want to make, an oort based block, you can test it on a creative world.

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O.o strong lavander…lavanader was actually not even a guess of mine…welp…im suprised. I was guessing night blue.

oh i hadn’t thought of a creative world test seeing as i don’t own oort blocks yet. Ty for your help. May others who want to know this color be able to find this thread!

edit: Night is so close to it in the picture regardless… hmmm


You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ash color was just a developer’s best guess as they filled out a spreadsheet. Since we have creative mode so easy to use, lining up a bunch of the oort blocks and putting down every color you think is close should be relatively easy to do.

Want to add ash from reclaim doesn’t necessarily mean its the right fitting color. As iron for example has given me a brown/orange color not sure what color it exactly was. I do know i was asked this before with the grass and suggested to try the Lamblis verdant grass (also pointed out atmosphere influence)

As you are working with gleam in the color range of the (dark) blue’s, lavenders and lilac is your best bet.
Any way if you found your color and it isn’t available let me know and ill look if i have it somewhere😉

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Strong Lavender is pretty close :slight_smile:


And the gleam is interesting: just found some i had when looking for something else in my chests.

ahaha bastion marketplace concrete! I get my concrete there too!

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