Color Shopping: Alphabetical, Color, or Numerical Order? [Poll] (restarted with third option)

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When you are shopping for blocks or items with tints, do you prefer for them to be organized in alphabetical order A-Z, color order blue, green, red, or numerical order 1-255?

  • Alphabetical Order
  • Color Order
  • Numerical Order

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I actually prefer them to be organized by color regardless of their name or number (i.e. ROY G BIV).


Interesting, I had not thought of this. Thanks for the input!

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I can’t vote either because I also go by visual colour groups and gradation … unless I’m looking for a very specific colour then it helps if it has the colour name displayed but it’s not a big problem on PC because we can use F1 and see the name just by putting the cursor over the item.

I never see the colour number on PS4 unless I stuff it in a request basket. Having to look up the number of a colour I know by name is really not all that user friendly.

So if I need to choose between these 2 options I would go with alphabetical and it’s how I ordered my Concrete Complete shop.

With my soon, hopefully, to be build new goo farm I will sort my gleam by colour groupings since that is then indeed so much easier to do (my current goo farm has them alphabetical too)…

I voted alphabetical but it’s better to see them sorted by shades

Neither…I like them in sections/groups: Blues, Greens, Reds, etc

Color, visually

My shops are sorted by color and then by number for each color. I also like to shop that way.
I am using numerical sorting for my storage and this makes it easy to handle.

Order goes like this:
13 Dark Red
22 Shadow Red
23 Strong Red

It allows to build shop sections like this

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Hmm, well I did my paint shop by base color name for categorizing. But I can make a shade identity room for people to compare on. Let me think of how to do this. Good feedback

Can I safely edit a third option into the poll after there are several responses? I don’t want to mess up and have it start over.

Best to start over with an option for colour aswell, I’d vote for colour. I have a gleam shop and it’s all organised by colours


Poll has been restarted with the third option for color order! Sorry for not thinking about that possibility.