Color storage

Now that gleambow is almost at the end
Many of us prolly are working to add color storage.
maybe some people that has those alrdy could share their creation how theyve done their own ones?

Pretty please.


Did mine in like booths color on back and front so each booth houses 2 colors…


Colour storage is a bit overkill and probably a bit much but it’s going to use 6272 plots and i’m never going to get it done been working on it since last year august lol

The colour storage units for each colour are designed to display all the blocks, plants, fungi etc for the colour

For those curious to know how big that is, well the giant rectangle is the colour storage lol


My approach has been that of a library:


Dont make this a Meme please ^^ Hahaha


My block hoarders store every block in this building :grinning:


Worth it, looks awesome.

Thanks for the useful topic. Thinking of doing a compact (to easily reach colors) design but something that doesnt need expansion. Do you make a storage unit for each block (rock/sand/plant) per color or do you put all items of the same color in a few storages together. More designs and ideas would be appreciated! Space isnt an issue personally so any organized design is welcome.

bit late to the party but what the heck…
colour sorting was a something I got to grips with after a recent large reclaim.
solution also proved great for after gleambow (stuck all in seperate beacon which reclaimed after event…also put in a lot of odds and ends so could be sorted easier).
being able to sort by colour within reclaim inventory is very useful, just wish we had that ability with normal storage.
I like to be able to scan stored blocks etc for use in builds so need to have them on show

sorting was quite rough within each colour group…just started dark at top and lighter blocks at bottom.

extra storage below for bulk blocks


It is never too late to show your hard work :slight_smile:

It’s hard to get pictures, I’m a PS4 player. But if you go to the Menagerie Coast on Minorengle and go Into Notts General Store, the green building. There is a trap door that underneath has my number sorted storage.

@Honey713, lovely place


I turned my gleambow block storage into a library for everyone, this way builders can check out the blocks of similar color for color palettes :slight_smile:


How to reach it? From your dragon shop? (Forgot its name xD)

“Painters” portals in Showroom EUW ,DK tree and Normads Market

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Thank you!

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