🌈 Colored Ash

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Anybody paying coin for coloured ash? And if yes, how much?

I am working on a personal project at my base and I am kind of out of money/materials. As I am working on some brick orders and need to wait on them, I continued the project with ash. I used the same colour ash as the blocks I need, just as placeholders (and to be honest I might even use more ash, it dose look interesting. While farming specific colours for ash, I was thinking, would ppl pay for something like this?

Ex: Cherry, Fucushima, White, Black, etc.

So I guess nobody is using ash (more like buying).

@majorvex you can close this

Reclaim has made it easy to get every single color :slight_smile: I reckon that’s a big part of it :slight_smile:

Closed at the request of the OP.