Colosseum City Tales

One day on Biitula before the Oortian descendants entered the universe, a race before the oort built a massive structure on there. It was an arena for them. After leaving the known worlds for another galaxy, they also left that structure. Oortians eventually found it and created a city around it. The ruling power was the SPQR, who left for another galaxy for a brief period of time after the city’s fall. The thriving city’s main attraction was The Arena. They’d open floodgates to make aquatic battle scenes in the arena. They might also toss criminals with Elite Wildstocks just for show (and a source of income for the city). There were offices for many major Oortian corporations, including Aero Incorporated, Tools Trading, Miner Enterprises, and Hunters united. It was founded 850 blinkyears before the present day and lasted for 750 blinkyears. This is the tale of Colosseum city, which stood where Axon/Iconicsburg does today.

500 blinkyears after the city’s formation

Lia: Alright, The monument has been built.

Markus: Excellent. This will provide city spirit for the citizens of our grand city.

Lia was the city’s official builder. Markus was an architect and member of the SPQR who passes laws on architecture. They were building a monument inside the colosseum. They were also repairing the ancient building with repair chisels. A boon unreachable by modern-day centraforges. The monument was a silk yellow gleam tower with the head of an elite wildstock (carved out of silk yellow gleam, too) on it. A feature that the Gyro Monument didn’t have.

A titan arrived on Biitula 1 blinkyear after the monument was built. The titan threatened to destroy the city and destroyed the head of the city monument 1.5 blinkyears after being built. It was put back on the monument after Lia and Markus rage destroyed an ornate glass window using an unsittable chair. The SPQR had a chat at their council to see which hunting company they can hire.

Marcus: I have called you here because our city is being plagued with a titan problem.

Klyde: We can deal with it on our own and not hire any titan removal companies!

Myla: I doubt we can do it on our own. Aero Incorporated has already been very successful with multiple cities, including Gyro City at Alder, Riverlands at Arie, Old Cheddar Markets at
Trung, The Diddy Kong mall, and the WorldLink over at Circarpous.

Callista: Hunters United is good.


Marcus: I think we should hire Aero Incorporated. Kai lived in Gyro City when the titan plagued it. Aero Inc. did a great job on the removal of that titan.

Myla: Shall we hire Aero?


Callista: Hunters united?

After fighting for a day and a half, they eventually settled on Aero Inc. because of their success rate. Klyde decided to join the titan removal army to push everyone out of the way. And kill it himself. Myla and Marcus both joined so that they could cut costs on the hiring.

When they came into battle with the titan, Klyde Ignite slingbowed everyone out of his way and tried to kill it himself. About half of the enlisted warriors were defeated due to Klyde’s antics. Klyde himself was defeated in the battle, which rendered almost everything he’d done worthless. When the warriors who’ve stepped out of the way for him came onto the scene, they fired until the titan’s shields broke and they could attack the core. After doing so, the titan was defeated. Lia made the broken shield into a silk yellow gleam trophy filled with the attacker’s shield. Another part of the broken shield was used to be put upon the silk yellow monument. The city lasted 250 blinkyears after it’s fall due to the destruction of the old universe.