Colour spray mishap 😭

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We really need a warning when not spraying in a plotted area. I just used about 50 cool grey spray on an area i can’t plot. So those pretty much went to waste on me. My fault for not using builder mode on i suppose. Tho I hate seeing the plot lines lol


I was taught early on in life to always be careful where I spray and that advice has served me (and for others standing nearby) well.


Lol thanks for the laugh. Not as upset now :sweat_smile:

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Why not break the blocks you sprayed to place elsewhere then?

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No where to place them :sweat_smile: I color changed a cave and there’s one small section that overlaps into @Ratchel area. I finished the whole area that i was changing to that specific color. Only areas left are for different colors and have already been started in those colors :sweat_smile:

Also figured it would be easy to add a warning pop up like when trying to spray a block that’s already the color of the spray


Always trying to mark territory that isn’t yours :rofl:

(Agree it should give you a warning also, just like when laying a block or not let you even spray at all)