Colour Sprays Crafted Feat Broken

The feat still counts up, but the numbers don’t match either the amount of sprays i have crafted, nor the amount of separate crafts I have done. It may just be missing a couple of 0’s if it meant to be amount of sprays crafted, though I haven’t checked the numbers exactly.

Not got a reply about this but thought I would test in testing as I had not crafted any sprays so would be good to get the numbers. I crafted 3 lots of 44 goo pigments, which with the skills and coils i had made 890 each time, so 890*3 = 2670 total crafted sprays. When I look at the feat, it says 27/100 sprays crafted. So I guess somehow 2670 becomes 26.7 and gets rounded up.

Anyway, no reply since Feb so I assume this will be ignored…

Does the math work out if you have no coils or skills?

Yeah its the same problem, tried with a new char with no skills, crafted 200 and it says 2 on the feat.

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It’s been this way forever.
I’ve seen it being reporter a couple times here but it never got fixed

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