Colours of the Boundless worlds

just noticed you put flowers too - on Septerfon one of the flowers is different, having red stems and leaves if I remember correct; not sure but it was flower 4 being different

@Okkelinor, your sheet looks great. I hope it is not a problem for us to share this on our FB and Instagram. Thanks


indeed very nice and good looking sheet;

just remembered ice and glacier have different colors on Septerfon too- my memory is kinda slow but when it starts… :blush:

I might take a trip and collect one of each when I have a chance and post screenshot of the collection here if you want Okke

Great sheet, @Okkelinor you should post your co-ords, that way people could perhaps donate 1 of each block to you from different worlds?

Will try to do one for Vulpto and Solum, will add in decorative and bricks, glacier and ice if you don’t mind.

I sure I have a gravel from Septerfon and it exactly such as from Therka. I think your gravel not from Septerfon.

I’ll send to you picture without redundant draws. You are free to share all pictures I posted / posting / will post on forum.

It’s not easy. Experiment will not be clear: how you can sure what the block from exactly this world not another?
And we havn’t donation box yet :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, if you sure about this sheet in north-east from Лежбище on Therka (780, -1260). Assumed coords is (830, -1300)

Glacier and ice (as well as a dirt) aren’t a tintable blocks. They has only one colour for all worlds.
My sheet isn’t included blocks like growth, tangle and mould - they a pretty rare. If you will add they, it will be great.

Decorative blocks are not so different, but about bricks I don’t know.

hmmm…must be from Munteen so, my memory not so good lol

I could swear I saw different colors - but that could be down to different lighting on planets

Wanted Lustrous wood from Munteen VII

I’m almost ready to make such sheet for Munteen VII because of @Togar’s portal. But did someone see Lustrous trees on Munteen?
I crossed around all world from south to north but really didn’t find no one Lustrous tree there.

dirt is a tintable block, ice and glacier as it stands have no tints.

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I have some. I’ll be online in about 5 mins and can meet you in Therka market if you want

May you tell me where it can be found?

Sure - If you go to Miners Bluff, there are some just across the bridge a short distance

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I made picture for Munteen VII. Picture for Therka changed for more blocks.
It still not so good, but will be better with each new iteration :stuck_out_tongue:

As you can see, on Munteen VII has follow changes instead of Therka:

  • Gravel is white
  • Barbed grass is green
  • Lustrous wood lighten
  • Gnarled grass darken
  • Dirt lighten

Did anyone found tangle or thorns blocks on any worlds?

Don’t think so. It must be in early prefabs, but I don’t remember any such things.

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Glacier and ice are slightly different colors in inventory, but the difference is very slight in most cases. It’s a bigger difference that that between white metamorphic rock from different planets (which I can’t tell a difference in AT ALL, even with thousands and thousands of them laid out in front of me).

I guess devs would know best if they have different colors once laid out outside of inven.

Edit: Guess I wasn’t wrong. Ice and glacier have apparently become tinted since then, lucadeltodecso?

It’s subtle in the ice, but the glacier is plain as day.


Yeah, we recently changed ice and glacier to be tintable but the current range of ice tints is small so it’s difficult to tell.


Yeah, I know, thank you.

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Made my own natural block display (near to my Gleamtower on Therka in the desert):

Order from left to right: Starters(Therka+Solum+Berlyn+VenaV), Septerfon(EUMoon), MunteenVII(EURing), Epsilo(USEMoon), Vulpto(USERing), Elopor(USWMoon), Nasharil(USWRing), Andoweem(AUSMoon), Alturnik(AUSRing)

Mostly based on this:

The problem is that I cant find ‘growth’ on Elopor, anyone know where to search for it? Or it is non-existent?

And anyone found ‘glacier’ on Vulpto or Alturnik? Of course there are other blocks that are missing, but they are non-existent for sure (until someone prove the opposite).

Oh and one more thing: can someone sell me one compact amethyst? Please? :blush: