Colus Te (Exoworld) Compass Bug

My compass is pointing to say NE of an undiscovered (???) region, yet have discovered, as shown by atlas:

I’m pretty sure that means you need to go southwest, which it looks like you haven’t discovered?

Yea you have to go the opposite direction of what it says on your compass. It’s telling you that you are northeast of the undiscovered location so you would go southwest to get to it.

If you look at the compas you will see i am facing SW :stuck_out_tongue:

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The “NE of ???” refers to your coordinates, not the way you’re facing. If you walk straight, you will discover the region.

I know. I am facing SW to show that on the atlas that region is discovered, if i walk straight, it takes me to a location i have already discovered…

Oh I don’t use atlases so I wasn’t sure what it was showing. What happens when you walk between the grayed out region and the border of the area the game thinks you haven’t discovered? Does it switch zones appropriately? Have you tried relogging?

I see you would be heading SW for a region you are NE of.

Did you use that atlas previously with another character or pick it up when someone dropped it?

Yeah it switches zones appropriately, just to the one i have already found, not discovered the area to the NE which i think it means to point at with the ???, but it is a Lava lake, will keep an eye for the next region, but didn’t relog (thought it worth pointing out anyway). Will test and try logging in and out if happens again.

Nope, new altas. The Bug seems to be it is saying NE when should be saying SW, will check in a bit when back on…