Combat Aesthetics

How do we want our combat to look and feel?
Do we want it to be flashy and eye catching, or toned down and subtle. Gory or clean? Brutal or graceful? somewhere in between all these??

if they need to add a ‘‘remove gore’’ button it has gone too far.

i love the final fantasy extremely flashy magic, or tera magic for that sake, one of the skills makes small butterflies fly out.

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Skyrim + color motion trails on weapon attacks.

Zero gore. That’s a must. None at all. I want to buy and play Oort with my 6 year old son – if there’s blood, we’re out. End of story.


oh look. james is stalking around.

We’re extremely mindful of the age range of players.

If anyone is looking for gore they should be looking elsewhere.


Yeah I’m in the motion trails and flashy attacks camp with you guys. It’d be especially cool for magic, but I think that sword fights could look equally cool if they get everything right.
I personally don’t want gore, but I was wondering if anyone actually did.

shhhhh. Dont disturb him in his natural habitat.

as i said i really like all of the details in tera. look at it. its amazing.

No gore (blood or any other type of visible brutality) and some grade of flashy (Final Fantasy is a bit to much, but taking some steps into that direction would be of no harm ;)). I dislike the idea of special melee moves like throws or something like that, but a bit of crontrol should be possible through weapons (like pushing, slowing down, traping, short interupting stuns). I also like the idea of conditions like bleeding or confusion (using items takes longer). … At the end, combat should be skill based, not only “the better weapon wins”.

Who’s stalking who? :astonished:


i just saw you like his comment without saying anything XD

but better weapon should still give an advantage.

its like a fight that says ‘‘the enemy has better gear than me so his weapon hurts more… well, then i just need to make sure he doesnt hit me’’


seriously, I think if every attack left a color trail for about 1 sec after firing/swinging Fights would look so sick. If the action was too quick you could look at the colors to see what happened.

Advantage yes, but not a guarantee for success. To avoid beeing hurt is always a good and reasonable option :tongue: … I don’t want to see permanent strafing ingame, but love side jumps (if they are bould to stamina) :wink:

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And side jumps should have a cooldown as well. I dont want to see a LoZ style ring around the rosie with iron hands lol.
I support the idea of slight advantage through levels as well.

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Flashy is one thing but being a FF14 player I have to say that all the lights and explosions made the screen extremely cluttered. What’s the point of having interesting, detailed character models and weapons when they are drowned out by flashing lights that come from every attack and ability.

Some effects strategically implemented for impact is good.