Combat/Character systems and ammo

This is going to be several things put into one. the first 2 questions are for the devs and the last is for discussion.

Realistic Arrows:

I like how in most singleplayer games you can use bow and arrow which have a trajectory but it seems most MMO’S have to use soft target systems because the ping makes the system impossible to work with.

Would it be possible in oort to have projectile trajectory so you could shoot into the sky and hit a dude 500 meters away if you have really good aim? that would also allow to make groups of arrow men who could bombard the enemy in pvp.

Substance in characters and combat:

Atm there is no collision between players, they can literally just walk through eachother which is kinda sad. the same thing goes for creatures, if you can just walk through them lose a ton of immersion because there is no real impact to fighting them since they dont seem physical.

so do you plan to make creatures and players solid so they cant just walk through eachother? that would allow things like making shieldwalls in pvp in case your weaker players gets focused and you can just bodyblock the enemy and their attacks

For the other players.

There is currently a slingshot in the game using ammo. alot of games dont use ammo now adays, even wow who did from the start stopped using it to make it more casual.

do you guys think there should be ammo? why and why not? i for one think that there should be but they would stack in stacks of 400 or something so its something you have to think about but not something that will make you regret every shot you make, it would also allow a bowyer profession and allow the possiblity of having elemtental or special arrow types that can do special stuff.

We need ammo… stacks of 20… (at least in bow/crossbow fireguns… that are another thing XD)

And yes please don’t remove player colision, we need it (don’t do like in minecraft, removed because griefers ¬¬) in oort online we will need shieldwalls… and one fat guy bloking the door of my dungeon… castle… what ever XD

Just imagine one 1x2x1 corridor XD you only need to put one guy and you have a barrier :smiley: please player and creatures need to be solid!!!

Also good thing about the archery, (in this thing the minecraft/skyrim/oblivion/etc they done well) we need to be able to use with a real aim… i mean… shoot… at 200 meter it will be really hard, but 20 archers in formation will be a pain for his enemys…

And titans will be in trouble :smiley:

prob with the stacks are that from what i have seen we have like 20 slots for all equipment, so 20 stacks would either have to be insanely strong shots or it would be useless. i dont want to constantly have to think about it, but i would like it as a way to gear up before i go out for long, and to make it more realistic instead of shooting infinite arrows.

Well what about 20 per stack, but you can craft one “container” (a bag for any kind of ammo, it can be only for one kind or for all) wich, in only one inventory slot lets you put from 4 to 10 stacks??

Fine with me. still think the stacks should be like 50 as they are now at the very least:smiley:

I think we definitely need ammo. Playing a sandbox game like rust where ammo is limited at times, especially for arrows really makes players think. I think it would be great to have quivers and the larger they are the more arrows they can hold. I also think it would be great if once your quiver was empty you would have to go into your pack and move ammo from your pack to your quiver, but thats just me.
Sometimes I think some forms of combat get dumbed down too much…

Ok :smiley: but a stack of 50 arrows… it could end like minecraft, ARROW SPAMMING TO THE WIN!

And i don’t really like that :confused:

It needs to be a way to be equal to using melee though the ammo weighs up the range to some degree, but it shouldnt be like minecraft where 2 arrows kill a monster.

basically. but how it compares to Melee is the hard part.

With a combat like the one on mount and blade/monster hunter/anyothermeleeskillcombatgame!!! the melee could be a really good option, and make the game a lot deeper.

But i’m not saying that because the two arrows kill (3 normaly XD) its because the archers spam the arrows :confused:

it should be dependant on weapon, so half a second readying time on a shortbow and 1 second on long bows.

never bothered playing MC so not sure how it worked, the wannabe RPG elements always annoyed me too much.

Well, just Reading half a second, plus the second for putting the string at full streng, and aiming 3-4 seconds.
good time, if a melee attack its just 1 second at most.

I know i train and do combat with “montante” (two handed sword, but not that zweihander thing)

There is more weight on it, and its generally just a way to make up for it . 2hand = burst dmg, 1hand = sustained dmg.

Two handed sword (Real one for combat) = 1.5-2.2 kg
One handed sword (Real one for combat) = 0.8-1.6 kg

With good balance they are like the same in speed, but one with one hand left and more mobility, and the other more reach and more damange per impact :smiley: