Combat Mechanics

Hey everyone. The cool concepts for PvE are what drew me to this game, these are some suggestions I had for the combat system and how weapons work.

Please enjoy my crude descriptions.

Attacking: Tapping the attack button will launch an attack dependent on the weapon in a random direction quickly. While holding the button will charge the attack and allow you to choose it’s angle for more accuracy and damage.
You hold attack, pull the mouse in the opposite direction you want to swing, and release. This allows for accurate parrays, or a weak spot system similar to Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance if you’ve ever played it.

(Obviously not the slow motion and chopping people in half, but the combat type.)

One-Handed weapons (favours speed over strength, one-handed weapons can be dual wielded but are individually more powerful with only one equipped)
LMB primary hand/RMB secondary hand

  • Short Sword (fast slash)
  • Rapier (fast jab/stab)
  • Knife/Dagger (very fast stab, shorter range)
  • Katana (very fast slash, longer to charge for maximum damage)
  • Glove/Gauntlet (fast and powerful attacks, can only strike directly in front)
  • Scimitar/Curved blade (average speed, charges very fast)
  • Mace (slow but powerful attacks, attack angle is random and can be charged longer for high maximum damage)
  • Shield (holding the button for this slows movement but can defend against attacks if angled correctly)

Two-Handed Weapons (In most cases strength over speed or versatility, not always though)
LMB primary attack/RMB secondary attack

  • Long Sword/Claymore (fast and moderately powerful slashes. 2nd attack: block similar to shield but with a much smaller defense radius.)
  • Hammer (very slow but very powerful. Can be charged longer for more maximum damage. 2nd attack: Slams the ground doing large AOE damage but only to something on the same surface as the slam. Someone jumping would not be affected and someone on a higher block would also not take damage.)
  • BattleAxe (fast and powerful first attack, next attack is much slower alternating. 2nd attack: Jumps into the air and lands with a powerful swing. Jump cannot be controlled.)
  • Scythe (Very fast and powerful slash attack, time between consecutive attacks are much longer than normal. 2nd attack: rapidly spins dealing constant high damage to all directions. After being used you cannot attack for a period of time, 5-10 seconds.)
  • Lance/Spear (Slow first attack but every consecutive uninterrupted attack is faster. Powerful Jab/Stab attack. 2nd attack: Throws spear at enemy to deal extremely high damage from a distance if it connects. Spear will fall on the ground but after a safety period the spear can be retrieved by anyone.)
  • Zweihander (Slowest but most powerful weapon. 2nd attack: same as first attack but much faster, although HP is lost for each strike.)

Would appreciate feedback on my ideas if you could :smile:

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i kinda want to say something to the discussion, but im not really sure how to put it.

@DarkRepulsor can you come with a starting comment?

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Slow Motion will not work

No slow motion, just the combat type.

Well im not sure about that but im also not against it xD

@Zouls You summoned me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I kind of love this idea. Let’s break it down a little:
• As people have stated, slo-mo will probably be impossible in an MMO setting, which means the controls can’t really be tied to increasing the precision of your attack forms.
• The devs have been clear that the level of violence in Oort will be very low – we probably won’t be chopping people in half. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That being said – this is the part that gets me excited:

Tapping the attack button will launch a quick attack depending on the weapon; holding the button will ‘charge’ the attack and allow you to make some choices.

For a game that will be played in first person view more than third, this has some serious potential. Let me suggest a possible implementation of this.

1. Quick Attack

By quickly tapping the LMB, you launch a quick attack based on what weapon you have equipped. Slash with a sword, fire a crossbow, swing with a hammer. Tapping the LMB rapidly lets you string attacks together, possibly leading to combos and finishing moves.

2. Activating Skills

By holding down the LMB, the cursor becomes visible and a collection of skill icons will appear in a circle around it. Drag the cursor in the direction of skill to charge it, release to launch the attack. A shortlist of possible skills:

Thrust - a fencing move that shoots the player forward several blocks with sword pointing straight ahead.
Flurry - a fast-paced 6-hit combo move.
Slapshot - an upward swing that knocks enemies into the air and cancels their current action.

Side Slash - a horizontal move that hits all enemies 180° in front of you.
Crash Hit - jump into the air and land with a powerful downward swing; possibility for 2x damage.
Slam - slam weapon into ground to send a small quake shooting forward to knock enemies off balance.

Rough mockup. Screenshot by Tercel.

3. Block / Secondary Actions

Tap or hold the RMB to block, or use other secondary actions.

Other thoughts
• I don’t know how it works for ranged weapons. Are there bow skills? Could it be a way to use special arrows, Hawkeye style?
• We previously talked about weapons leaving light trails, but seemed to agree that it makes battles into a messy fireworks show. If we said that only activated skills left light trails, but not quick attacks, does that make it better?
• Are there some mega-skills that have to be powered up over time, allowing you to occasionally unleash some super attack, a lá Limit Breaks?


sad news for me ^^

It makes sense though if you want to make a game fit for most age categories, you cannot make the violence to graphic.

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Destroy a game with youtube channels and lets play? Don’t really know how that would work.

Either way there is 8 years olds that play CoD and such so I don’t really think that a age restriction would help much to keep the destructive ones out.

Much appreciated.

i will leave out block and parry. im gonna make a huge thread later about it, so keep an eye out.

for OP.

i like your choice of weapons, and i like the idea of qucik attacks and charged attacks. however the MGR system you proposed, would in my eyes not work, at all.

the reason it works in MGR rising is:

Singleplayer. allowing slowmo, and near stationary targets and the fact that the enemies were laughably easy, since it is not a problem in singleplayer (i played the game on hardest difficulty. still 1shot everything)
Slicing. was made for gore and chopping up people, that is not going to happen in oort.
Sword: The most important, the main weapon of the game was only a sword, hence they could make the entire combat about slicing, but in a game iwth magic, bows, blunt weapons., it is a bit bad.

Other things:
doing this would require some pretty sick hit detection, which i imagine would be a bit tricky to make in an mmo, ofc i am not a programmer so i dont know.

The entire system i generally dont see in oort online. thing about singleplayer games are that you can make characters op as hell. especially in this game cause of its setting and you were made to feel like a badass. in an mmorpg you need to scale that out with a ton of progression increase in skill etc. MGR is awesom+e but awefully simple. slash things to pieces using a combination of light and heavy attack.

also another thing, combat system close to dragon nest was also mentioned, but both of these systems kinda have the requirements that the game is third person based. both games were focusing on quick combos and a sort of auto lock + combo system (ever played the games and notice how you make dashes onto the enemy? thats what i mean)

so a bit of a rant, i might have left out some things, but it should give the overall arguments i have against it. in the end it would highly depen on how detailed the hitbox is. i know they talked about making it skillbased so you could do headshots (was mentioned in one of the surveys) but i dont think the given system would work, for the reasons given and the fact that there will actually be ranged weapons in the game.

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it is an understandable though not a good opinion to have.

the thing about it is the line between making a game ‘‘child friendly’’ and ‘‘playable by younger people’’ i have played a bit around with the idea, thinking about making a discussion but i never got around to it.

The line between the 2 things mentioned is an extremely blurry one, but to sum it up

Childfriendly would be if everything was easy. you couldnt die. everything was given to you (extreme case) while i think the devs intentions (might be wrong) is to make the game ‘‘playable by younger people’’ which would include no gore, decapitation (i personally dont think this would fit the oort style) making the game simple to understand (their motto is making stuff simple) but i also think that the simple systems are not easy to say. so a simple system which gets progressively more complex as you level up. for example combat, you start with very obvious skill tree (pure theory) where for the first ‘‘levels’’ you can only pick 1, but the further you go out, the more used you get to the game, the more open the skilltree becomes. it branches.

i for one hate not understanding stuff. so if i just get thrown into a game that is rather complex and is completely ‘‘figure everything out’’ i find the start less enjoyable (though i know those who played minecraft liked that system) so a sort of ‘‘learn to crawl before you can run’’ idea.

Albion online is a game which comes to mind, it doesnt force you to do anything, however progress is done with achievements, meaning you have a big tree when you start it is like ‘‘craft a sword’’ ‘‘gather a few things’’ to get people started, and then it spreads out to more specialization, to sort of ‘‘hint’’ how you become what you want to become.

Sorry for the rant. again. personal opinion and speculation. but i totally understand your view point, cause to a certain degree i feel the same way.

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I don’t know that radial menues are the way to go for this. They work well for weapon/item selection (particularily for single player), but I think it’ll be a bit clunky for first person combat. Will mouse movements while selecting your skills also affect character movement, or will you continue aiming in the same direction? Either way lends itself to your opponent moving out of the way. If the needed mouse movement to select a skill was very small (think similar to Mount and Blade), it might work.

Normally I’d go for skills on the number row, but seeing as we have our materials, etc. there the next spot I can think of is the F keys, but that seems an awfully long way to reach…

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that is what Mods and Private servers are for

I would like it with 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. U press 1 and then u will use the skill. But u need to aim with your mouse after pressing 1 etc.

Well I want to play the game though (wich is not possible on private servers in my oppinion) :slight_smile:
but I don’t want 8 year olds (or younger/older) to not play this game I just hope that there wont be so many oort channels like mc channels now :confused: I also want to keep this healthy community we have now but I think its impossible :expressionless: I deleted my posts and I don’t want anybody to feel offended or anything :slight_smile: (it’s my opinion and I know it’s not the best)

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First off, please tell me what program you used to make that, and can a double-digit IQ fool like me learn to use it?

All of your ideas are fantastic and it makes my suggestion way better.
For ranged weapons, maybe the bows could be tipped with crystals that can be quickslotted to do different elemental damage?

Fireworks are awesome

Maybe a slot on the hold menu that you have to hover over for some time before using it. In general it would make for good combat pacing as some skills have to be hovered over for different times before charged.
Please forgive me but

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lol, it’s just some Photoshop and Illustrator. Commit to learning 1 new thing each day and you’ll be a master in no time.

Yes, love the charge-up time / skill cooldown idea!! This could be a waaaay fun battle system, I like it a lot…!!

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I have a few questions - I try to follow the discussions but many different opinions and statements are made in the end it is not totally clear to me if it will be a Titan-survival game or builder only or a mmo in style of competetive combat. Or all together. I mean, what is the main aspect of the game? Level of detail? Or rather comical, drolly things, like many squeeking chars attacking a titan? Or crafting devices. Flying.
Stampede of the ducktailed Tauns. Building with voxels (I think I can understand this term now, after I found out how to create slopes.) So many aspects to be considered.

mate i would agree with some dude who pointed it out above you. making a wheel that you have to use midcombat is not a good idea xD

personally for charge attacs i liked grand chase’s way of doing it

when you hold it in it will charge, and at it kinda goes through different attacks, so if you release in first bar you use 1 attack, release in 2nd bar you use another and release in 3rd you use a 3rd attack. but that might also be a bit clunky, think they should be skills or a scrollable attack system (you can scroll with the mousewheel, and select an attack that will be used when right clicking) but that is just some random thoughts.

I fully agree to this. I like the circular (circular as well a synonym for cumbersome) menues, but I think in action combat it is too complicated or long winded. I like simplicity and easy going gameplay. Might even be a bit tricky, thats fine with me. :blush: