Combat needs TLC desperately

This is a QoL suggestion. Finally got around to T6 meteor hunting today and ohh emm gee it was bad. Not particularly difficult, mind you, but super annoying. Every single attack knocks you around… no biggie until your pinky toe barely scrapes the edge of a block and 3/4 of your health disappears. Ok, right then… time to heal. Go go Gadget health bombs! Wha- NOO not Gadget Strength potion! And why did you put the slingbow that was in your OTHER HAND away you Oortian idiot??? Ok more knockback, meteor abandoning in 8 seconds… returned, crisis averted. FF 5 minutes, 12 oort. Gg.

Never realized how derpy the controls are in this game. I had kinda gotten used to whipping out loaves of bread for no reason while mining. But on a hunt that’s a deal breaker. Also armor repel… anything less than a God forged slingbow is a feather on a stick.

I know I’ve been verbose about aspects of the game I don’t like over the years but this is complete trash. I know you’re probably supposed to meteor hunt as a group or whatever, and maybe have some strategy with towers and pits, that’s not the point. Combat should be more playble and above all else at least fun.

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I’m curious what you mean by this? What’s happening?

PS4, regardless of which settings you choose, your character will sometimes change items in the right hand at random for no reason when you select a different piece of equipment in the left hand, and vice versa. Super annoying. It will even de-select your grapple if you’re hanging… sometimes resulting in a pointless death.


I really think this comes down to how you hold the buttons and sticks as the only time I had this happen was when I was all haphazard about my button presses. Since that one time I’ve always made sure not to do that again and it’s not been an issue. My only problem now is sometimes I get random items on my hot bar i didn’t put there and it only ever gets filled in an empty spot


I wish it was that simple. But no. I have all relevant settings disabled/changed and as correct as humanly possible. Yet I hit L1 to change left handed items and still change right handed items without ever touching R1 :frowning:

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You should start a separate support post about that, I think. Your other arguments against combat aside this sounds like something that either you can get specific help on, or is a bug.

Inspector Gadget!

Anyway, that bug aside, it sounds like herds of meese knocking you around like a pinball, plus ridiculously volitile health are your main problems?

While I disagree with the overall sentiment - I really enjoy combat and T6 hunts - I agree that the moose-herd knockback party is insane. Also, most things either kills you in 1-2 hits or barely hurts you, and even when you run into stuff doing only 1/5 your hp in damage, there are usually so many, or they hit so fast, that it doesn’t matter that you might have walked away.

Edit: And armor repel is butts.

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Yeah I was expecting the moose knockback, and that’s no big deal. But literally every attack from everything knocks you around like a pinball. In and of itself that’s no problem but that momentum damage from clipping a block after a spitter bolt hits you really should not be there.

I’m going to do a few meteors tomorrow using tried and true terrain cheese methods… I just prefer cheeseless gameplay.

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There’s currently a giant group hunt on Mal

All you have to do is grapple and hang out while others do the work. Easy money!

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