Combustion and kindling Farm?

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Can someone help make this understandable yes, I have checked out the farm school, but for some reason it’s a little confusing to understand how this fuel farm works. I’m trying to do a balance I want to grow crops separately and also grow seed separately, but does this method work or I’m just gonna be losing seed and crop if I don’t use the stained set up for the fuel farm of combustion and kindling


I think it comes down to what you are really trying to do. Like I start with building a crop yield for like 100 seeds and see how many seeds I have left after I use it. Then I build a seed yield area to get me enough extra seeds to cover the crop area. That way I never have to find more seeds in the long run.

You can break them up into separate areas for sure but you will always have to then take seeds from either areas you find in the game or a seed yield farm to supplement the crop yield area. Crop yield loses seeds overall.

Right or wrong, I set up all three types on my farm. I have a crop section, a sed section and a ‘sustain’ section where it’s sort of inbetween. I mostly harvest the sustain but sort of…push up whatever i need. So, if I need seeds, I harvest the seed section or whatever. No idea how right that is, but it suits me.

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I use the sustain setup then harvest with Farm epic/ I almost always get exact seed to replant and do well with yield that way on combustion. On kindling with the epic and sustain setup i seem to get bonus seed.


I do exactly this. Granted I have a TON of seed for both and two huge farms now.


Hi, for Combustion i have full Crop Farm, the Seed you can farm at some Sovereigns with good amount of Combustion.
When i farm Combustion on Sovereign i get 12 ss Seed and 3 ss Crop. Thats good for build your farm only for crop.

And for Kindling there is an Option for 35% Crop and 100% Seed.


I used to have for kindling and combustion farm. Big seed farms and about 2/3 of the (seed) seize crop farms. Haven’t got to the point to build sustainable farms as I figured back then it was more beneficial for me to just focus on seed followed by crop (excess seed yiels).

My take on it, if you are making a seed farm to get you the seeds you need for a sustainable farm, place the seed farm away from everything… as once you have the seeds to fill the sustainable one… you won’t need to generate extra seeds, except for selling perhaps :slight_smile: else it is just extra work, as in more to harvest and plant.

if you are using them exclusively for fuel blocks ( blue glowy one… can’t recall name right now… ) 1/3rd kindling farm, 2/3rd combustion farm. combustion (80% / 100%) kindling (35% / 100%). Have not had to go back to the seed farms ever again.

Of course specially kindling is used in Concrete / Patterned Concrete.
And combustion particle are highly useful for turning rocks to gravel and gravel to sand… to reach otherwise hard to obtain color options :slight_smile: So some scaling considerations :smiley:

I did something like this. Very much like you, I did 3 row groups. One of these groups of each crop is seed while the rest are sustain.

Group 1 (seed yield)

Group 2

All the rest (sustain)

This results in:
Row 1-5: crop 0%; seed 110%
Row 6: crop 40%; seed 110% except every 3rd plant same as row 7+
Row 7 - ∞: crop 80%; seed 100%

I went with this method because I have a largish farm space and I don’t care to buy or collect all the seeds at the outset. I’m happy to let it grow by that 10% on the first 5 rows until I fill it up.

I used the same method on the kindling side but the yields are a little different.

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very nice i like this as you could add to your farm as you gain seed.

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for combustion, I just don’t add any blocks that affect the yields. A 10% loss can easily be replaced by just buying the seeds from someone else

I have 19 rows that are 144 blocks long each, 3 blocks wide. The farm can easily make over 150k coin a week by selling each combustion particle for 13c each

plus, I added gleam guardrails that way I can just hold down a few buttons and easily replant while watching a video or something. It takes an hour to replant the entire thing.

edit: as an extra note, YES, this is a big commercial farm, not just one for personal use. So I may be farming it much differently than others

It’s interesting to see the different approaches with farms.

Thus is a post from last January:

Since then I’ve started from scratch again, but setting up a new farm currently in the same design.

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