Come join the Aussie* hunts for Aussie* players on Aussie planets! Saturday nights at 8pm AEST (GMT +10) and other nights when I feel like it

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*Disclaimer: When I say Aussie, I also mean Kiwi, Asian, Scottish, Canadian, Brazilian, or whoever else would like to join us!

I am giving away 20 Rough Oortstone for the funniest single comment each hunt, as chosen by me. There are sometimes other contests and prizes, so come and try your luck!

Everyone is welcome, regardless of level. We are sticking the the Aussie planets to significantly reduce lag.
We are generally going to be speed hunting on Flan for now, which requires 3 points in Caustic Protection.

Diamond bows are preferable, and available at our meeting place. Ruby or Topaz are next best, while the rest will be lucky to cause any damage.

Make sure to have at least half an inventory worth of space for loot.

We meet at @wakeNbake’s shop, Dub-T Forgery which can be accessed via the Boori PS Hub, on the Western side of the top row.

Voice chat is not a requirement, but it is very handy, and a lot more fun!
Feel free to just lurk and listen, or join in the conversation. We’re also a friendly, helpful lot.

Friend and track this guy, Erroll, to enable you to more easily find your way, and warp from Sanctum (for 100c) to catch up if required.

@boundmore was nice enough to capture some footage of our first hunt, which was a lot of fun:


For those outside of Australia, 8pm AEST is 10am UTC :slight_smile:

Perfect time for hunts since nearly every platform produces a meteorite!


Can you tell me where can I find Erroll? I need to return some gear to him and apologise for randomly bailing on the last hunt.

I’m Erroll. Or rather, he is my vicious alter ego, and my 3 year old sons hero.

No need to apologise though, and no need to return anything. I would guess you’re talking about revive totems?

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Together, you could rule the galaxy as father and son!

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Yep that was me playing Starcat, I had unexpected visitors right as we were taking off. I’ll hold onto them and bring them on tonight’s hunt. I can see how Erroll would be an idol to a 3yo lol.

He gets cranky when I use my characters that don’t have fire on them :rofl:

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Tonight’s hunt was

Thanks everyone for turning up. Next hunt is in 45.5 hours! (Thursday 8pm AEST/10amUTC)

We will soon have a bona fide meeting place, and easy access from all major portal networks that service Flan. Hope to see you on a hunt soon!

Congratulations to Sigma/AU-Hunter for winning the funniest comment award of 20 Rough Oortstone.
The winning comment was “This is my home.”


Hunt in 52 minutes 8pm AEST on Desa, T4 AUS exoplanet.

Let your hunting buddies know as Protector Venari is asleep!

Level 1 Potent protection required, everything else optional
Everyone is welcome!
Best weapon is to turn up!
Meet at Portal Seekers Hunter’s Courtyard, accessible via PS Hub Grovidias Te, Galactic Gathering, or The Hunt Hive
Hunt leader: Erroll. Track me so you know where we’re going!

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