Come make Tjentzu, Andooweem your new home and help build the town up. (pronounced as "Tjen Tzoo")

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Alright my final batch of shards are in the extractor, so I guess I am ready to start thinking about and building the gate on your end Jeff. Where do you think I should put it?

Tomorrow I will set up a 2x3 tall portal and leave the location marker on your elopor build… which by the way is very cool!
You just put the marker in your portal with the shards and open it. :shard:


Does my portal size need to be 2x3 too? (my current portal size is 1x2). And, uhm… I hope the portal is in Andooweem and not anywhere else, coz if it costs more than 1 shard per hour to maintain I will need to go farm more Oort stones before I can open it.
And, thanks for the complement.

it sounds like there’s a touch of miscommunication.

both portals need to be 2x3, two wide, three high, to make a planet to OTHER planet hop. that will cost 50 to open, and one shard to run.

andoweem would be able to make it to Alturnik, so you can make your house connect to Jeff’s portal on Andoweem, same cost, or you could make a doorway sized portal 1 wide, 2 tall, (i’m confused about where youre trying to connect)

taht would be enough to connect your house on whatever planet you’re on to Jeff’s portal on the SAME planet.

this would require a little building for you, but would not require more portals or oort shards. possible solution.

long post sorry. could be confusing, sorry if it is

I am not sure either. I have always planned to connect to his gateway on Andooweem, or connect from his Vena V gateway too the Andooweem town. Both are 0 and 1 hop respectively but I am not sure if there is a difference in shard cost. I’d prefer the Andooweem to Andooweem connect because his gate at Andooweem right now leads to a location that has a wild farm for red Growth and Cream Gleam.

haha, i just got told off by the forums.

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haha that’s funny

okay, so 0 and 1 hop both cost the same in shards, but a 1 hop portal requires 6 portal conduits, but a 0 hop portal only requires 2.

both CAN use more, if you want it bigger you can, it will still cost the same amount of shards based on hops, not based on size.

yeah it will just require building a way to put your two portals right next to each other.

from what i hear, Jeff will set up a 2x3 portal (you can ask him to make it smaller if you don’t have enough portal conduits) near his space, then leave the portal token required to open it, he will elave that token in the storage area you ahve next to the elopor city.

Wow… I didn’t know that they had a smart forum software now. Thats cool though. Alright, it sounds like Jeff is preparing to build something somewhere that is either a 1 hop from somewhere to the Andooweem town. We’ll see where he puts it. In any case, a portal up is a portal up, its a connection to a network that is well maintained so I am happy either ways; as long as it only costs 1 shard to maintain per hour.

as long as he puts it on his Andoweem portal hub, or on his Alturnik portal hub, you’re good to go it sounds like. make sure to watch Jiivita’s portal tutorial to figure out what way to open it.

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I have seen it. But, to be honest, I am not very concerned as to the orientation that you are in when you get to the place. Its a niggling detail to me. If it gets me to the location, which direction I am orientated makes too little of a difference to me to fret over. OCD is not part of my name. :slight_smile:

well if you jeff leaves it open on both sides it won’t matter at all. but if he closes the back of it, you’ll want to know

I at first thought about making a horizontal portal. Thought it would be cool to have someone walk out of the ground or something, but apparently there was some glitchy stuff happening when you do that; so I dumped the idea.

yeah cuz you HAVE to open it the right way, otherwise it’s all a mess.

it would be a cool thing to have a stairway to somewhere else, but i don’t think you can implement it in any way but down, cuz otherwise you can’t place the stair block needed to climb upwards.

@knightsb I’m on right now and have the location set on Vena V. I’m about to warp in near to your portal room, so tell me when you’re ready to set up :3

I can’t right now, eating atm. Be there in 30 mins. Go exploring and come back later :slight_smile:

Sounds great, I’ve got some chiselling to do on Vena V anyway ^^

Alright. I am on now. You can come place your portal :slight_smile:

Running in from your northwest, it’s funny but your location is almost on the opposite side of the planet from Vena V I’m about 1k blocks away and closing

First portal opened at the town by @AzureHelios


So, I starting poking around the internet for inspiration of a name for the town I started. And, I came out with a name that I thought maybe some what fitting - Tjentzu; pronounced “Tjen Tzoo”. This game is an international game now, and we do have an international audience so I thought about having something that sounded international. Found an Eqpytian town name generator, played around with it for a while, modify some of the options a little and “Tjentzu” was born. I felt it sounded a little Tibetan and some Mandarin, basically in Mandarin it sounds like “sky pearl” and I liked it a lot. A cliff hugging town with buildings hanging in the air, and suspended islands, quite fitting. So, I supposed henceforth this Andooweem town will be known as “Tjentzu”.