Come make Tjentzu, Andooweem your new home and help build the town up. (pronounced as "Tjen Tzoo")

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Couple more night time screen shots I didn’t include.


it looks nice, having an ease of access portals would just make it work better for YOU, and allow tours


Ahh yes, cream. It looked white to me. @Smooth-Slick yes there is gleam here on Andoween. LOTS of it near and at the floating island. More than you can shake a few sticks at.


Jeff actually mined like 3000 gleam the other day it was ridiculous


Well, hopefully he left some for others. There are a few pieces of gleam under the island where I am at, I left it there and hope to add to it so it look like Christmas lights hanging off the island.


cool. any thoughts on building in other locations too?


Maybe, if my connection allows, and after I finish up this one. Still a lot to be done at the stairwell, then find a spot for the gateway. Then MOVE in with all the equipment or make new ones to set up here. I have lag problems connecting to other servers at some specific times, other than the Oz servers.


haha, yeah i getcha with the workshop, i’m still trying to figure out what i’m doing for my workshop, my basement is pretty cool, but i dont know where to go for the second half of it.


Maybe I can set up a plinith to give away location markers at Jeff’s Andoween gateway in the meantime. Got to find out how to do it first :slight_smile:


the plinth, the location markers, or what?


The Plinith, I haven’t made one any before.


glue, stones, nails in a workbench, makes a plinth

there are 4 leafed plants, generally green, can be red or purple, that when broken give you “fibrous leaf”, put those leaves in extractor, and put the extract in a workbench, make cloth.

then add cloth to the workbench witht he plinths in it to make buying or selling plinths

selling plinths, you put good in, set a price, collect coin.

buying plinth you set a reference item for what you want to buy, set a price, ADD MONEY TO PURCHASE WITH, and then collect items.

on buying and selling there is a 10% tax on everything over 9 coins.


if you need assistance with cloth, i probably have like 891


So can I set a selling price of 0 coin?


haven’t tried, if not, just do 1c. 1 coin is a perfectly fine price for location markers. the convenience of somebody markign locations for you


Welp another thing on the list of things to do. Back to work on the stairwell :slight_smile:


haha, i can always trade you stuff if i have it.


not going to fret over it right now. Make the stairwell beautiful first :).


One of the most beautiful builds I’ve seen @knightsb :heart_eyes: simply stunning. The structure itself is impressive and how it’s placed within natural environment is classy too.


Thank you. Took a lot of guts (literally) to get it all done. had to deal with being afraid of heights while doing it. I know its only a bunch of pixesl but still the anxiety is always there when you are hanging on your grappler to place blocks.