Comet Latency Bugg

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Hello, i have never have any problems with comets until now. Done over hundrends without issues. I have ms meter on at all time to chekk Latency. The ms meter was Green and above 50 ms at all time.
Comet lands and the creature are impossible to kill. Thier life just goes down to zero and then right up again. Not even facing me and hitting me from impossible possitions. I thought it was my internet, but im watching youtube and streaming on my phone, no problem as I have 700mb stable fibre in Norway Oslo.

So i thought it was a ingame issue, so i waited and comet still up. 30 min later, with game up and no ms problem ingame. Comet still up, mobs still impossible to kill.

So conclussion! youre game has a bit of a issue here :smiley::ok_hand:pleace fix this, its pretty anoying when u need em orts :joy:

I think its a place ment error as The mobs think im on a whole diffrent area then my screen shows. Because they are attacking far away in wrong dirrection, example wild stock hits me but are 100 m from me charging air.

U cant destroy anything around ither, it just remakes itself because it thinks im on an other place.

Its just wierd :sweat_smile:


Same here.

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