Coming soon - Inverted slopes

Im crying :’(

still no inverted stairs :’( :’( :’(

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I didn’t realize how badly I needed wedges in my life till just now!

Announce one cool feature… thread full of requests for something else :anguished:

We’ll get to it! This thread is about inverted slopes :thumbsup:


i can imagine how you feel, however it is because people want these things so they ask for it.

It might seem like we dont appreciate the work you guys does but i think that is mainly because many of us have nothing to compare with, we arent game devs or programmers (the main part of us anyways) and as such it might seem like its going slowly.

I for one would love to get a look into the work you guys make, the programming, planning and other stuff, i think if you guys talked a bit about how it works and what you have tried people might be more understanding, because i think some people see programming as writing 1 line of code, pressing enter and then the thing works rather than alot of trial and error which i think is really involved. :slight_smile:

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I think in this case they think it’s because
“We’re making it so you can do THIS upside down!”
‘So why can’t you make that upside down at the same time?’
“Because it’s more complicated than that”
‘Then just make it less complicated’
“That’s not how this works…”

‘‘how complicated can it be to turn a damn block upside down!’’

we dont know, and if they dont tell us we never will, which is why i think transparency is good, not going detailed on why but atleast explain it, they did it for block reflection when it was suggested, they went ‘‘it is not that easy because to reflect an object you need to make it load the entire world twice’’ which made perfect sense and it was never discussed again.

i sound pretentious as hell when saying this but its just as gamers we see a dozen of games come out every single day which makes us really entitled and puts a certain press on game devs, cause no matter what we will unconsiously compare games to other games and some use it as an argument ‘‘but this game can make updates every week, why are you guys so lazy that you dont do that’’

its such a hard topic though -.-’

We’re very transparent where it’s important. Would you rather we were on the forum explaining why we haven’t made steps upside down, or would you rather we got on with the development of important combat, creature, character and progression systems?


I had to stop working on this to write that comment :wink:


Perhaps the only thing more fun than sprint planning is explaining your sprint plan to people that don’t understand sprint planning. :no_mouth:


a little bit OT.
Is there a list with all possible cubes who can be used for slopes?

Slopes include sand, gravel, dirt, grass, mold, bounce pads, ice, and gleam.

i know this is an old post but i really would love to have sloped stone

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Give us inverted stairs and stairs joining at corners (2 types) like in minecraft too, looking good devs, keep the magic coming.


+1, would love to see these someday. Keep up the great work guys.

I guess that would come with the next chisel type? Presumably some metal type that hasn’t fully been introduced into the game engine yet.

i got all the time in the world i need to learn to use the materials that is already in the game:)

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Would this include stairs as well? Ive noticed in my short time playing that I cant place upside down stairs. And I cant actually put blocks on the underside of stairs either.

Answered a ways back.

As I was building a place last night I could not help but think of lots more options I would like to have. This Early Access is still considered a Pre-Alpha build so expect much more down the line.


I think I already created inverted slopes. o.o need to do a screenshot tomorrow, or did i understand something wrong? xD

i needed sloped stone thats why i wrote on here