Coming soon - Inverted slopes

The inverted slopes are nearly ready! I still need to do the wedge:
shape then they will be complete! You will be able to build them like the current slopes with the chisel. Use the chisel on the bottom side of a block to create the new inverted slope shapes.


that perfectly cut gem though is so satisfying XD

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You’ve unwittingly given me the last piece I need to complete my Doomsday Device! Now I will be…UNSTOPPABLE!

Unless one of those dang mo’pigs shows up.



Slopemageddon approaches.


soon i can make my perfect crystals!!

Awesome! Any chance of getting slopes for the various stone and wood blocks, or maybe inverted stairs? I tend to use them a lot in my construction, and being able to use the chisel on those materials would really improve what can be done.

const thingsHipoWouldNotDoForAUniversalChisel = [];

Yes we need the inverted STAIRS AFAFFAGaGAGAGAgafafafm;amfaifnal

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Unfortunately, Hipo, const isn’t supported in all browsers yet. :smirk:

At least it’s doing better than ‘let.’

Meanwhile: inverted stairs!


Oh sweet sweet devs. Thank you.

Which one of you do I kiss for this?

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How about using slopes in cave generation? “Round” caves would be awesome :slight_smile:


Those gleem deposites hanging from the ceiling would look great as crystals.

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judging by the fact we have a great world builder it will probably be a default thing, depending on the gradient.

if its a gradient 0-1 it spawns normally if its a gradient of 0-(-1) spawns inverted

and here i am thinking id never use maths again

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Now I can build the thing I wanted to build.

im just waiting till inverted stairs

invert blockss neeeeeeeed than yiou can make some nice jump parts ^^ and many other cool things ^^

Wedges are nearly working just a few bugs left:

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It’s almost time for me to have to refurbish my entire house, look what you have done and feel ashamed at my needing to spend more time making things look beautiful~! ;V

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You are just doing all you can to rub it in our faces arent ya xD

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