Command Line Switch / Argument To Define Monitor Upon Start-Up

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Hiya, just wondering if there is a command line switch for the game to pick the monitor.

I doubt it’s a unity built game, but as an example, Unity built game have switches like:

  1. -show-screen-selector
  2. -adapter 2
    … to purposefully launch on another screen.

I only ask because I can window it, then move it to my 4K OLED, but I can’t be sure of what resolution the game is running at when I do that, because it literally doesn’t skip a beat. It feels like it’s just upscaling, plus … it just feels a little not right. (not a dig … just my paranoid brain!)

Also, I’d like to just click one shortcut when I’m going to play 55" stylee, and another for the old 32" BENQ. :wink:

FWIW, I’ve read almost all the threads on multiple monitors here, so please assume that if it didn’t contain command line switches, I’ve tried it. :+1:

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u r a mad man… :wink:

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You can check what resolution the game is running in from the video settings (where there’s an option to scale down the resolution you run at).

I would think that maybe if you move the window to your 4k monitor and then go back to full screen the resolution would probably update?

Not aware of a command line argument to automate which monitor it would start on though

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I often switch game/video player from monitor to tv (desk/treadmill), which are both running at 4k, and back using shift+windows plus arrow key on the application in the taskbar. Could easily macro this for simplified operation (and maybe add steps…) ofc.
Might not be solution for you @MadManMoon but maybe someone might find it useful :+1: