Common Brew Recipes


Seems a bit harsh that common brew recipes costs me 37 skill points to unlock…I didn’t see it as a priority but now I wish I did because health potions would be so helpful.


The cost of making health brews in terms of resources and crafting processes is pretty high even for the most basic one. Before the update it used to be just cooked meat and cooked starberries in the mixer … now you have to make containers, oils and other stuff … that’s why they are so expensive to buy.


Told ya, copper bombs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, and leave a few corpses around. If you throw a bomb at a corpse it’ll explode instantly, meaning you can heal quickly.


I’m for sure going to make some, just have to get some saltpetre fragments.


OMG it’s a BAG of bombs thought it was single use bahaha this rocks!