Community Art

Hey I wanted to see all the creative talent the community has, so everyone should post any art things they’ve done below. (this is actually just a ploy to get more art from @Nyuudles )
Doesn’t have to be related to oort - this is off topic! :smiley:


Excellent idea for a thread.

To get things Started I’ve got a couple old art bits I’ve made.

My anatomy skills are so bad XD

And one more! I made this one back when that heartbleed loophole was getting big coverage, and the name just sounded so cool that I made a thing about it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most of my stuff is just lineart with fill, I’m terrible at shading/backgrounds.

Bill sketches:

My Fursona (the one seen in my icon):

My old FNAF character:


That heart is Really awesome!

Gravity Falls best series.

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Agreed whole heartedly.
It’s cute, it’s funny, but it’s also dark and mysterious. The best mixture in my opinion.

oh man oh MAN
That Bill in a sweater just made me LOSE it.

SUPER OLD but here’s some art I used to did.


winter is right that heart is RAD

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Gravity falls tho!

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These are some of my stuff


This one is for a little fan project i’m working on from time to time


I love drawing Bill in sweaters QvQ
I have an AU where if Bill does (probably not) turn into that arch enemy turned into odd family member kind of thing then Mabel would knit him sweaters. It’s just really fun to draw haha.

HAHA! My plan was a success!
But those classes tho. I bet they would work well in oort!

These are incredible, I love your style!

Love the dragon

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What the heck, nothing Oort related, just a few favorites from my graphics days. I don’t do these any more, I wish I could afford the software. Most of these are from 2007-2009
Done in Maya 8

AT-STs from Star Wars, I wasn’t very good with textures.

A simple sword on a cloth. I Really like the way the lighting on this one sorta brings out the texture in the cloth.

This one had a working walk cycle and fired missiles and bullets.

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