Community Discord?

Hey I was just wondering if someone had a discord for Boundless Players. I struggle with finding people to play with, It would be very nice to actually see another person ingame!!


what planet are you on? Also, literally did the community just explode with activity suddenly? I’d personally gladly set a Discord up, (I somehow have it on my PC already), first… What is discord?

It is here and uh used by @Havok40k and @luke-turbulenz roughly those two by the time


We are going to lean fairly heavily on discord when 1.0 launches for a huge community project known as the Kovah Project. For now, the Hanging Village is acting as a bit of an experiment of work flow and coordination. Join us there. I’ll add details about the Kovah project at an appropriate time, but the gist of it is to be a universal capital city built as a massive community project.


I knew there had been one, but couldn’t remember the address, so thanks for asking this :slight_smile: :shard:

The oortians of the lake also have a discord server at

If you guys want I could set up a sub thread for you on the main one.

Do we have a discord channel? And if so can I please get an invite?

Thanks for pinning this, @luke-turbulenz

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i just got the game as well and havent seen a soul. looking for some chill players. add me on steam to anyone wanting a team. steam theother1517

Thank’s @Thorbjorn42gbf for sharing this info I also am new and great to have some place to chat among others in the game! “Huuuge” actually! :smile:

Also am I correct this is the official Wiki @

It is, but by the looks of it, it’s woefully of-of-date.

Try if you need to know recipes for things, or there is a knowledge tab in game (available from the main menu)


hellow i have i discord server to try and connect all boundless players from ps4 and pc together feel free to join and invite everyone you know.

both PC and PS4 players can also join the official discord here


If you can find one that isn’t the default I would appreciate it. I’m still temp banned for infinity from the early beta days because “I complained a lot” about beta issues. Ironic how 7/10 mixed reviews for LITERALLY what I said. Guess some complaints should be heard.