US-East Information

This post will be to help new players find a community on US-East. If you chose a different server region, this post will not be very useful to you.

1.) When you join US-East, try to make your way to roughly (1133, ___, 1831). If you need help with coordinates, press the period key until you get the debug interface and then move such that your camera position hits those coordinates.

2.) If no one has already, one of us should soon have a shop setup with (hopefully) cheap location markers for the ring world. Since it’s pre-alpha I wouldn’t see a point in charging too much for these.

3.) Follow the warping guide to create a warp to their location marker on the ring world.

4.) Come find -1233, ____, 585 on the ring world (Vulpto). Most of us are building around the lake here.

We have a discord server setup at It was originally intended for us to collaborate together on the first world but we’ve grown so explosively that it seems to almost have more use than the first discord server. All are welcome to join and joke around with us and whatnot.


awe shnap didnt know the village was movin ill have to start making my way over there

do we have a village build theme like trying to make our homes feel similar or we just going for it lol

I think we’re just going for it lol

OH yes, I want to find where you all are! Soloing is so lonely! I will make my way to all of you :slight_smile:


Hey @Clexarews do you own the shop at 1300,70,1730 and saw you have a tech component can you sell it to me?

Nope, not me. I don’t own any shops right now. If it’s a plinth, you can buy from it without asking permission though :smiley:

I have a bunch of tech I am willing to part with for a price cheaper than what they are selling them for I bet.

Everything you need to get to warp should be on the starting planet.

@onebitknightly Thats great where can we meet ?

I have a shop setup in Berlyn, if you can get there you can buy them now. If not I will back online tonight and can bring them to you.

@onebitknightly yeah i currently cannot warp because i cannot build a power core

If you can get to -1900, 65, 975 on Solumn, I can send you to Berlyn

@Pois0n okay im on my way there

Did I happen to give you a marker for my house?

Not if your house is on Berlyn.

Yea, my house is between the ice mountains and the marshes.

Cool I’ll try to get there when I get online today , hopefully you’ll be on in about an hour and you can send me to berlyn

If he is not I’ll be on in a few hours and I can get you to my shop too.

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Is it okay if I tag along? I cant find tech components anywhere (Ive become a level 21 miner in the process though haha).