Community event The Hunt [Portal Seeker]

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At 1 PM UTC iā€™m going to do an other hunt on a Glovidias Te. We are going to gather at the Poratl Seekers Hunters Courtyard. Accesable be Grovidias Te Portal Hub. New and veterans are welcome to join :slight_smile:

what is the Hunt?
In boundless we have portals to fuel to get to other places. the fuel for this portal is Oort Shards that you can craft. The main crafting ingredient is Oort stone that you get from falling meteors. When the meteor hits the ground and a person gets in range of the activation area it will activate portals. Out of these portals there are creatures dropping which have to be killed in order to complete the meteor.
Many communities in this game are doing hunts and everyone is welcome! Even the people who are new to this game and might consider themself noobs.

What do i need for the hunt?
Since you have to kill the mobs. Its handy to have a fighting weapon. a slingbow of metal or higher is adviced.
We are building toweres so you can hang on them. This will prevent wildstock for hitting you. To hang to these towers you have to use a grapple.
And ofcourse dont forget to bring food with you!

For the people who are more expeirence :slight_smile: Lets help all the players to stay alive!
Bring revive augments and healing bombs to try to keep them alive. Maybe blocks to build bridges and the towers would be nice !

Here a timer that counts down till the hunt. More informationg coming later


How to get to the PS Hunters Courtyard using Boundless-Maps
First you need to figure out on which planet you are. You can use the to click on the planet you are on and search for the Portal Seekers logo seen below

Then you go in game and presh P to open your places tab. Go to Location and then see where you are.
On the upperleft oft the website you see an Search for Coordinates and put in your coordinations. Then you can see how far away you are and which directions you can go to to reach it. The Blue-Yellow square is the map. But the world is round so you can towards that square edge and end up on the other side of the square.

If you feel like you are to far from the Portal hub. All i can suggest is to try to find the closest portal you can find. And search for cities and shops you end in. Above a portal that goes to the Portal Seekers Network you can often see the Tag PS or Portal Seekers on a sign.

How to get to a hub using Coordinates alone
When you dont feel like using the map. You can also use the Coordination destination function.
When you presh P, go to Locations and then presh on Costum Destination.
When you do that, you can fill in the Coordinates of the PS hub on your planet.
For example when you are on Storis II. These are the coordinates you need to put in.
North1603 East1156 Attitude68
Then on your compas you shall see a orange emblem that shows the direction you need to go to.

Coordinates to the Gateway

I found the PS hub and now?
You go to the Center of the Hub. The beacon name should have a blue tag with PS.
You will see maybe more portals. But the ones with with a Silver or Gold sign with the planet name are the portals of the Network. They are going to other planets. You follow the gold signs to get on the main path of the Gateway. When on the main Path you can see 2 gold signs with their planet names. Then you are on the ring. You can walk either direction untill you see a sign with the name Glovidias Te. You reached t he right planet! :ghost:

on the north side of the portal hub. so right or left side from the portal you came true. You see a down slope towards the Portal Seekers guild builds. [if you see a huge portal Ultima Guild HQ, you should look at the other direction] . If you see the two portals. Go into the Hunters Courtyard portal. There is a square we are going to gather :slight_smile:

While hunting we are going to use Voice coms. That is not mandatory, you can just show up and follow the gang. The Discord we use for the voice coms will be the Official Boundless Discord:

Any queestions or problems? Feel free to contact me on Discord, Steam or on this forum
Discord: SePras#5086


Very good. Thanks Sepras!

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Great fun was had! Thank you, SePras and everyone else who took part!


That was fun, the new player I brought along said it was intense. I hope they stick around.


Allright everyone! Lets do one last tier 3 hunt for the new players to join!
We are going to hunt on Gyosa Ophin this time. Gathering in the PS Hunters Courtyard. How to get there? read the main topic :slight_smile:


Hunt in 55 mins!


Hunt in 30 mins ! :slight_smile:

yay! glad I can make this one :smiley:

Samphire will be there! :slight_smile: Trying to round up a few new players!

Its getting streamed BTW

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Great hunt! Love how you folks stop and re-group and wait for everyone, healers on hand, etc. Excellent. If any newbies want to tag along on the meteor hunts, they may have another one shortly. Just bring a grapple & a weapon :+1::star::facepunch:


we are going futher in 5 mins

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Some of the better shots from the part of the hunt I attended.
Sorry for the quality ps4 player and all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for the hunt @SePras was very enjoyable and glad to see the time taken to help the new players