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I figured I would get on the whole trying to unlock colors so we can all get them. As a result, I have purchased 10x 3km worlds that I plan on making T6 worlds in the attempt to unlock a white rock. I know Blink is the best world type for this, but we cannot pick Blink since it is a T7 only Exoworld type. I am pretty sure any T6 gem would is the best world for this out of all of the Sovereign choices, if I am mistaken please let me know.

I have zero interest in these worlds outside of whether or not they unlock new colors. So as a result, they are up for grabs on world generation. Here are the details:

  • I will still fill out the form and “own” the world. If you really like the world that gets generated, I will be more then happy to transfer ownership to you. If the world is not transferred, I have zero plans to renew.
  • First come, first serve. Limit 1 world per player. There are 9 worlds remaining.
  • Any part of the world generation is up to you (except it has to be a T6 survival Sovereign world). Colors, biomes, caves, permissions, region, etc. You name it.
  • If you have no preference on a part of the world generation, this is what the defaults I will choose are:
    • random region
    • Simple world generation (do not select biomes, etc.)
    • T6 (random type)
    • 100% public permissions (visit/edit/claim)
    • No beacon compactness
    • Default colors

Just DM me or reply to the thread for what you want.

Generated worlds:

  1. [Biliar V] --[T6 - Fierce Blast Sovereign World]-- [Active]

Any gems world can unlock white. There is not difference with any of gem world type, they all use the same algo for choosing colors. Chance is really low and would happen on sedimentary rocks. Lower chance than black gleam.

Edit : well there is a slight difference between t5 and t6 world. White would happen on t6 worlds.

I do not doubt you, but it seems Chill worlds tend to be a bit “lighter” then other gem worlds. Do you have any examples to show that they are not always lighter worlds? Or that they are only T6?

Color selection as part of world generation is still mostly a mystery to me, so I would love to learn more about it.

Best of luck to you , I hope you unlock a couple , I see bright Tan sand is new .

Here are some of the colours that have appeared on Chill planets in the past. I believe that @Gorillastomp is quite correct that picking a chill world will not increase your chances any more than picking Burn/Blast/Shock/etc will.

That is a great point. I had kind of forgotten about Alnitans. I guess Houchus is just a freak accident then (or crafted by the devs themselves).

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This is all the color palette that is beeing used :


Base is not used. I guess it’s a “blank” template they use they create other palette.

The numbers are Tier that start at 0. So tier 1 ingame would be file tier 0.

These are the files from the Worldbuilder, so there could possibly a chance they are not using these one but i doubt it.

It’s just these colors are at the end of the spectrum for the gem world color palette. To get white/light rocks, you need to hit every slide to the right pretty much.

So it looks like there are other color configs in there that may have been used for other worlds. Specifcally in worldbuilder/config/worldcolors/dev/hand_picked. I wonder if some of the worlds used those? Maybe Houchus used the cold one? I doubt we can use those so it would just be the base one which basically looks like “anything”.

What makes you think it is more likely with a T6 instead of a T5?

awesome idea good luck! maybe EU? :slight_smile:

I am USE. That is why I said if people have no preference, it will just be USE. I could just change it to a random region I suppose.


Luminous red metamorphic. I’m us central so either works I’ll grab some rock.

Luminous Red has not been unlocked for Metamorphic, so I cannot pick it for a world.

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Well I guess I’ll be getting good with a chisel

So you want a world with Luminous Red Sedimentary rock then? Any other preferences on any of the other things? Gem type, biomes, etc? Do you want surface water or no preference? US Central would probably end up being USE for the best region.

Well I’m not sure about biomes diamonds and coal are good giant trees maybe white gleam. I’m sorry I haven’t steadily played it a year. So I’m not sure how to choose. Are trees allowed to be differnt colors?

No worries. I can hook up. Diamonds (meaning Blast world, mountains, no large underground caves, etc), large trees and white gleam. Just white gleam, or did you want a specific gleam biome (the “Gleam Lake” biome that gives the huge gleam sphere or one of the others)?

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That is a lot of choices. Gleam sphere is fine. Are sand, mold,thorns,mud also choices? Where will this planet be I live on alcyon

I want to see a world where the only biome is gleamballs

Maybe we can hold a grapple race there