Community Village at US Berlyn

If you ever warp into US Berlyn then make sure to stop by the WIP (Work in Progress) Community Village at 1711, -1384.
I would love to see a sprawling community, with lots of people warping in and out from all of the other servers and even make a Home/Shop.


Update for the passing thread reader:grin:: There’s over 5 of us here now in this WIP Village, still welcoming more!!! Plenty of flat ground space, love you guys, best gaming community ever.



Some pictures of the WIP Village area.

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:smiley: I love the new wall! I cut a path in the grass for a road. Let me know if it works for you guys.

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More Screenshots.


is it still WIP? I have alot of stones I could donate to help get building along (it’ll be a while, I’m not on Berlyn yet ((I think)))

oh yeah, we recently got the resources to teleport to other worlds, so we are not working so much on the village anymore, we just got some nice houses, want to make a market somehow, im letting the tower and wall de-spawn, i just built it to learn the building system.

What i learned from the building system is that, you cant make huge awesome builds without a ton of plots, so…that sucks. Late game feature.

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I’ve been searching around Berlin for awhile now and I can’t find any gold or tech components. I bought some from your market, but I was wondering where you guys found yours?

I just made it to the moon of Elopor where there I found gold silver and a ton of iron. also I think I found antamantiam but not sure what hammer to mine it with. I have teleportation markers for Elpor for sale at our marker. lots of tech there to.

Likely titanium. Use a silver or gold hammer to mine it.

Good greaf it was just hard cole.

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Lol! Ya, it looks like a black Diamond :stuck_out_tongue:

oh i love that wall design!

I have been running up the tower every day so it will not de-spawn. Having some miner surgery today. Will someone run up the tower today?

On it :wink:

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i thought it already despawned

I wouldn’t put out too much effort before the server wipe.

It has indeed despawned. sorry, @Jeffrotheswell
@Cole-Rhodes What server wipe are you referring too? I don’t know of any planned.