Compact Coal Color?

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I’ve been building with compact coals a bit lately and like it but I have a bigger build planned so now I’m looking for the closest color-match with stone. Before I launch on a quest to find the closest match, figured I would ask the Oortiverse! Has anyone already done a comparison?

Compact soft coal = ?
Compact med. coal = ?

Help me Oortiverse!

Oxide Azure was the closest permanent world color I found. Not a match but in the ballpark, I guess.

Oxide Yellow, even worse match. This might be a mustard?

I feel like soft coal has a touch of red to it… is there a permanent world with something like oxide rose?

Come by my color collection if you want. Happy to give you temporary permissions so you can do color comparisons. It is under row C in my mall (entrance in the lobby)

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I mixed medium with ceruleans and it’s a match.
For me at least.

Definitely a red or orange tone but that could mean a lot. I don’t see that oxide rose is a perm color, either.

Cool, I was thinking this same thing; that it had some blue tones, I’ll look at those. I think I’m ok with the oxide azure, too. Depending on how I end up using it, at least.

I agree with both of you guys
Its either Oxide Azure or Cerulean…
depending on the lighting of the planet were your build is gonna be :+1:


well, I meant its a nice match together and around - just realized what you look like is an exact match;
in that respect ceruleans are too blue for medium coal
they just go nice together - I used them around cerulean builds and roads as part of color palette