Compact to UN-Compact


Not sure if anyone ever asked but what about being able to Un-compact blocks?

You could place them into the Extractor to do so. I have a couple of reasons why I think it could be an idea to think about.

  1. In EA you had to have compacted silt to make glass. When we first started I did not think the glass recipe would change (my fault) and I compacted a large amount of silt which you don’t need to make glass. So now you could correct your mistake.

  2. The second reason would be to compact items to save space. I know there are storage blocks you can use but each is limited to your stack of 900. So if it typically take 10:1 to make a compacted block you now have 9000 in the same space. You could use far less storage blocks. Also it would be another block type you could build with.

Just an idea…thoughts?