Companions/miniatures/vanity pets and collectibles

This is just something small that i always liked in games, there are different ways of doing it but i think i prefer gw2’s system for it which is extremely simple.

they basically took all of the creature and npc models they had made and turned them into small versions that people could collect and run around with.

You could buy and sell the miniatures but i cannot remember how you get them in the first place (never found out)

but this system is extremely simple, you can just reuse already existing models in the game and make them smaller and allow them to be a collectible that people can run around with.

this would also be a good way to add event items for certain events without being overpowered, so like seasonal events or dev events or whatever, and would also be a good thing to implement in a cash shop that wont change the balance at all in the game.

However useless it looks i liked the idea of being able to collect minipets and companions that you can go around with, i generally like any type of collectibles and i think that is one of the things that makes me invested in a game, getting a useless item that i can show off by doing something that i wouldnt normally do.

Trove kind have the whole ‘‘collectible’’ system nailed. you can save all of the weapon and armor styles in the game by destroying the item in a style saver and use that as a skin over your current hats and weapons if you dont like the look.

i dont think this would work in oort, but something similar would be great.

what do the rest of you think would be nice collectibles to have?

PS: Devs, if you read this and make it happen later in developement, then i think you should give everybody who was in the game before races got looks, a miniature version of the orange squares we are now as an internal joke xD


to add. if we do get companion system we should also get the wannabe pokemon system that wow has further down the line, i think it would fit the oort theme perfectly :smiley:

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What is that exactly?

what is? companions?

The wannabee pokemon system in wow, what does that system do? (Something with catching monster i guess but a bit more specific)

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That pokemon system is part of why I quit Wow for good - they added too much. I liked collecting vanity items but didn’t want to feel like I then had to level up all those vanity items… and everything became pointless.

Companions in general though are always great, maybe some way to “miniaturize” a monster with Oort shards or something. As for the orange box pet - YES!

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Preorder bonus: get to have little orange box pet :baby_chick:


I would love to see a little craftable golem or robot that is then attacking your target until it’s destroyed. If it is down you could let it be repairable or give it a cooldown :wink:

I played Ori and the Blind Forest recently, don’t talk about pets, because that’s all I would suggest.

We need an ori pet ;-;

we need mr. diggs!!

I think companions are going to be an essential feature of this game because I believe a large part of the audience will be interested in them. I do not see much benefit of replicating Pokémon unless it is part of main avatar combat.

I am not saying all will want pets, but there will be enough that it will become a valuable marketing tool.

Mr Diggs… Last Remnant?

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hell yeah. one of the coolest companions i have ever come across in any game xD

Pokemon battles are out of the question, but as a fan of Mario party games I think pets should be used in mini games. Build a race track, enter a seat that is connected to the track, and then take control of your adorable badass Ori pet. Then we’ll have the mining mini game where Zouls and his Diggs will win all the time.

thats even more confusing and overkill.

also pet battles are epic. i wanna see my orange block beat a dragon pet to a pulp