[Competition POSTPONED] For builders/chisellers


Hi everybody ^^

First of all a see this picture (comes from GW2)

THE WINNER get 60,000 coins (60k)

What to do to partecipate?
-Post on this thread your intention to partecipate to the contest
-Choose a place and place a beacon
-Add on to that same post (by editing) coords of that beacon and…

I need you to build something similar to/inspired to that golem
The building can be be empty or not inside, doesn’t matter (not going to be a room/house)

… You have to build a model in scale 1:1
dimensions set wherever you want a beacon with maximum 10 plots, distributed as you like
materials model materials will be at your cost , basic stones of any colour and gleams are ok;
specials the use of non decorative blocks (like spark cord; furnace base etc;) is absolutely allowed;

Things that you see in the picture and are a must:
Lighting one-eye and body with cove-light lines;
“technologic feeling”;
the hand can be raised as in the picture to be used as an observatory balcony, or on the ground, like if the golem switched off because of energy exhaustion… long story short there must be an arm with an hand that looks like an interrupted/halted action, the other arm can be there or be cut/missing;
It will be something like the remnants of an ancient technologic population, now misteriously estinguished.

The winner will be awarded with 60k coins and a building contract with the value of another 60k coins as the winner will have to build the final one where i will tell you, with materials that i will provide
the original and winning model will be then destroyed

The competition to be valid must have at least 6 competitors
if there will be less competitors the prize will be cut by 10k for each missing competitor (5 comp. 50k … 2 comp. 20k… if you r the only one to partecipate you can get 10k, if i like the building)
Still the building contract value of 60k for the winner stay with the same amount (60k coins) regardless of number of competitors
if there will be 9 or more competitors a second winner may be chosen, with a prize of the value of 30k

[EDIT: also the inclination is up to you: it can be standing, or positioned horizontal, half buried, the feeling is in general something that stopped orking on an ancient technologic time]


the competition is postponed to the near future, when other competitions will be over ^^