Competition Time - Decorate the Sanctum for Gleambow Racing!


You just can’t break the tutorial and initial player flow. If the tutorial or initial player flow doesn’t work - then we simply couldn’t use the alteration.


Is there a way to quickly level up your character in Testing? I got on today to work on this contest, but ended up spending all of my time placing decorative diamond blocks to level up. Also, if I back out and go to the regular servers, will I lose my leveling up progress on the Testing server?


There is an XP Loaf or Cheat Loaf. That will give you lots of XP. Type XP into the F9 menu.


great, thank you.

EDIT: “XP” didnt bring anything up, but “CHEAT” did. Thank you again.


Nice idea! “Competition” implies a prize - is there one?

(Just curious, not greedy. Well, I am greedy, but not for prizes. :slight_smile: )

Edit: Maybe 30 days of GC to the winner? I used to play an MMO where they would give out items for community competitions but it seems you’ve got a rule about handouts post-1.0?


Get your design selected as the Sanctum! That is the best prize <3


Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
And the dreams that you dream of
Once in a lullaby


A giant magic world tree. Any tree master can build it ?
With some blue gleam lighting on it, it will be very cool !!


Is anyone giving this a go?

I’m curious to know how you’re getting on? Please share a few screen shots.


They were wise to not have a prize!

'cos if they would all PS4 players would be outraged! Since they can’t use Testing… sigh…


I don’t mind missing Testing all that much if I’m totally honest, what I do mind tho is that I can’t try out new forging methods without wasting actual mats. Would it be possible to include a place, a mode, something in the live game where one can just tinker about with things without it costing materials? Since it will be on Live Sony can’t have any reason to oppose it…

So basically perhaps, add a planet outside of the rest of the universe, where you can send an alt to that can’t take anything back and to anything and that can only be on that planet where there’s a cheat loaf and where we can ask a machine for any material in any colour we want so we can test out chiseling patterns, forging methods, etc., etc.

Heck, can this be added to the future ‘prefab editor’ in some way? I dunno, just thinking out loud!


In testing you can cheat anything into the game! Just hit f9 and type it in :slight_smile:


We PS4 players can not access testing


I will try, although my enthusiasm waned 0.2% when I realised the rules preclude us from boxing in the infuriatingly silent elder. :slight_smile:


Good point, I’d forgotten that. Wouldn’t be fair until the whole community can join in.


sorry, missed that context.

My condolences. that sucks for ps4 players.
stupid megacorporations.


I’ll be doing a little decorating over the weekend… hopefully put up a screenshot before the weekend is up!


Yes… I know that, which is the whole reason I posted what I posted since PS4 players CAN NOT access Testing…


I am giving it a go. I’m not sharing screenshots yet though. I will admit it’s pretty frustrating dealing with some things though. I’ve run into something, maybe a bug, where after placing some blocks, they become unbreakable. I have to exit the Sanctum Edit and then enter to be able to break them again.

Also you guys should make some sort of god Hammer for editing in there with AOE and mega damage and infinite durability. Something I can just spawn with out having to build a centraforge and spawning everything I need to make one myself.

EDIT: just thought of another thing that bothers me. The water doesn’t flow. I accidentally placed a block in the water, then removed the block, and the water won’t flow back into that spot. So now I have a square hole in the water.


I would give it a go but I dnt know what color I’m choosing so I gave up.
And I also would like a portal in the sanctum that leads to a creative world where you can’t bring anything in and can’t take anything out.


Console will always be at a disadvantage it’s just how the cookie crumbles.