Competition Time - Decorate the Sanctum for Gleambow Racing!


This is my submission :slight_smile: hope it wins this competition :D!!!


It’s too bad starberries can’t be seen in the leaves, then it’d look even cooler.


for sure, it would be nice to see what leaves had grown berries or have a berry place able in the tree


Im good count me out


Ahh, thanks for letting us know! We were already wondering about it!


Not finished, but just to show you where I’m at.


Well that’s what I got. Maybe it looks ok.


Yeah these half finished ones are already better than I managed to envision/tinker, I think I’ll save myself the embarrassment. :smiley:


I took a brutalist approach to play with the tools LOL

Need more time/inspiration/talent!


When I see pictures like that I WANT MORE GLEAM COLOURS!



Use regular gleam, not the refined one…

Regular has a seamless texture, refined does not. Since a while now I rarely use refined…


Ok, you guys have won. I give up on my design although I spent a lot of time on it :joy:

@BobTheBum @llamadoH @Krasheek you absolutely rock


Attempt No.2

Step 1: Remove all sources of light :slight_smile:


Simplilstic, and stylish.


thanks for the feedback @Karokendo i tried not to do to much as to over do mine


Attempt 2

Step 2: put the lights back.

Ok i give up :wink: @AeneaGames even the right gleam in the wrong hands doesn’t help LOL


I’m getting an intermittent issue where I can’t remove blocks that I have placed… sometimes I am able to, other times I am not able to at all. It’s quite frustrating when you make a mistake and have to reload and redo the whole thing, or save after every single change.


I did on 2 blocks. They go down to 0 health but don’t break.

Also, how do you replace water that you accidentally replace and destroy?


Can’t replace water that has been removed yet


I hit this when chiselling the lovestruck hearts.

My only recommendation is to save regularly.

(Until we fix it.)

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