Competition Time - Decorate the Sanctum for Gleambow Racing!


Yup - saving (then reloading) and then editing the previously placed problematic ones seems to be a workaround


Had the same problem several times. Then I gave up because I clearly won’t have the time to make something that wins the competition, and thought it was funnier to toy around with the F9 menu to try out the colors that I can’t get on live. ^^’


This’ll have to do as my entry… I didn’t change too much really… just some simple bits

It ended up lining the planet up quite nicely!

(I also wanted to draw some more emphasis to the warp conduits as, even with the new lights over it during the tutorial, I still see new players say “What’s a warp conduit?”).


Lol my thoughts exactly haha


All these screenshots are looking really promising, can’t wait to see the files - don’t forget to send them through to us so we can consider them!

That’s - we’re into the last day for entries now, go go go!



EDIT: Since the editor has now gone into the live game, we’ve extended the deadline for entries for this competition, to allow more players to have a shot at this. We’ll now accept entries until the end of Sunday the 10th March Keep the entries coming, we’ve seen some great stuff so far!


Quick question…while in creative/build mode, my 3x3 AOE hammer got used up. Is this suppose to happen? It doesn’t use any of my energy so I thought that was odd. :confused:


Could you try and head back into a world? Any durability damage to the hammer shouldn’t carry over once you walk through a portal…


I see. I went into live and it gave my hammer back to me. Thank you :+1:


Yay I will have enough time to finish! I can’t wait!


Went for a very Rainbowy feel, beyond the gleam replacement and tunnel work very little structurally more additional detailing to the sanctum


I sincerely recommend not taking any solution that uses glare or high contrast color.
Unless you want new players to close the game immediately and require refund.

Some of “looking beautiful” scheme are actually a torture for the eyes.


Think for most of us the event being Gleambow lends itself to using a fair bit of gleam, some of the glare like in the last picture of mine is from the actual part of the sanctum I was standing in that has a misty/glare effect. I try to tone down my use of gleam in builds a bit after I had a clinical craft room at one point that was nothing but cool blue refined gleam walls floor and ceiling in a fairly confined space.


A bit of advance warning/reassurance, the “Gleambow” event is not just about Gleam. That’s just the Ancient Oortian slang for what we would call a “Rainbow”. The same way “Irn Bru” is not made from Iron


Seems like the sanctum orbited past some colorful comets :wink:


Or drinking ‘ginger’ is not actually consuming a drink made from ginger :wink:


this is the best one!
take this!


is there a tutorial on how to use test server and do all the stuff in the debug menu? did not make one cause im not good with deadlines lol
but def wonna mess around there in futur wonna work on some prefab architectural elements would be cool to sell those to people as construction pieces to build towns and homes :nerd_face::wink:


It is the same as Boundless production servers. All you do is in steam right click on the boundless game and select properties. In there one of the tabs lets you select Testing from the list. Hit ok. To get back on normal servers switch the listing back.