[Complete] 5 worlds going offline briefly

Morning all,

After a few reports overnight, we’re going to have to take the following 5 worlds offline for a hopefully very brief time;

  • Trior
  • Cephonex Merika
  • Shedu Tier
  • Maryx
  • Kada I

Shouldn’t be too long and we’ll keep you updated.


Weird what’s wrong? I was on all 5 today

This happened while I was doing a character switch on trior lol.

I was like “Whaaaaat” - thought it was my connection.

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Should all be back online now, we had an alert that the underlying hardware these worlds were running on was failing so I needed to move them to new hardware. This also explains a couple of the server down posts from people in the middle of last night when the server randomly restarted.


If you have any issues connecting to any of these worlds you may need to restart the game client.


I was on the exo world Char last night and was getting hit with disconnects every 15-20ish minutes from about 1 am EST to 2 am est. I had a solid 90ms ping to it last night but it could be thats in the eu and im east coast usa.

Must have been a mischievous zergling chewing on the server.

Come now, don’t be ridiculous. Zerglings don’t exist, be realistic!

< cough > It was surely a spitter messing with the cables.

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