[Complete] Brief downtime at 1330 UTC


We’ll be briefly offline from 2:30 BST (1:30 UTC) to roll out a small hotfix. Thanks for your patience folks!

Lol nvm delete this

I coincidentally got booted just as you posted this!

And get message servers are updating :man_shrugging:


me too, just 2 mins ago. This is not yet 13:30 UTC, isn’t it ?


No, an hour and 10 minutes away


Found the problem - that should be fixed now! We’ll proceed as scheduled…


Put the plug back in?


Saw in another post you lost your old home(couldnt find it again, so this will do)…

Did james mention the standing offer of my Gellis tower. Was accepted but guess james is busy as we havent spoken in a while.

Really wouldnt mind my plots back, so feel free to have it yourself :wink:


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