[COMPLETE] Downtime at 1715 BST - Hotfix coming

Hi everyone,

We’re going to be offline briefly from 17:15 BST (in about 15mins) as we roll out a hotfix.

We’ll update the release notes in due course. This is a fix for the incorrect block colours and missing blocks which have been reported since the update.

Thanks for your patience!


Dont forget to add pattern to top of deco Ice plz.


Apologies, this is postponed for a short time. Thanks all.


Why is tangle not viewable in shop stand scanner, says not sold on planet but I have some for sale.

Prices must’ve been tangled up in the process.


Have you checked does your stands allow price checking?

It works today lol. Yesterday it wouldn’t show anyone selling tangle. Fixed.

Extend the test servers to PS4!! We will help catch these errors before release!! We’re great QA!! Bahaha… poke… poke!! :joy:

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This is now going ahead in 15 mins time. Thanks for your patience all


Thanks for your work!! :+1:

(Well, except for the :spider:s maybe, haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Isn’t that supposed to say 17:15? or is it in 28 min?

Oh and perhaps the prestige mistake to keep the grandfathered in block values? That would be nice and the fair “flat” gameplay that was promised.

Typo sorry - it was 17:15 you’re right

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Hi, i was in the middle of meteorite hunt and it closed for the maint. when i come back will the meteorite be there and will i be able to continue the hunt or i will need to find another one?

And how long will this last?

Go back to the hunt lodge. :blush:

ah darn it, i was just about to finish it hahaha

If you were just hunting in your own, then no, you won’t be able to finish the meteor.

We are currently hunting as a group. We will be regrouping at the Fireborn Nomad Hunt Lodge.

Welcome to the forums :grin:

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…and we’re back! Thanks for your patience everyone


Just got the download