[Complete] Downtime scheduled for 1430 BST


We’re going to be rolling out a small fix at 2.30 BST (1.30 UTC) - we shouldn’t be down for long, and will update the patch notes. Thanks for your patience everyone!


And we’re back! Thanks folks, see you in there


Ooo you’re in game as well?? Any prizes for finding you??? Lol


Don’t even try. He’ll just disappear as soon as you get within 30 meters. It’s what he does. :joy:


what can I say? I’m a mysterious operator in-game.

I am about though :), I have a small home on Xa Frant, then I’ve just set up a new ranch on Finata for my 3 alts to hopefully kick off a larger base (I let my beacon expire on Trung so I’ve had to start from almost scratch, doh!)


What, no gleam club!


I’m probs to late getting caught up on this post…if it’s not too late;

In the essence of fun and games, I’ve got 5k coin for the first person to paparazzi and post a pic here of this “intergalactic dev of mystery!!”… also if Sam can confirm it’s from today, I’ll pay you your coins!!


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