[COMPLETE] Game will be briefly offline from 19:32 UK Time (20:32 UTC)

Hey All,

We’re going to be offline for a while in around 10 minute’s time, in order to release a patch.

We shouldn’t be offline long, and we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for your patience!


Lol was just showing someone how to mine for ores lol


are there any patch notes or details? Just curious…

They usually have a separate post explaining patch notes.

Oddly specific time! :slight_smile:

Wondering what has changed!!!

There is one thing I am really, really, really hoping for, but I think I need to be a tad more patient for that… gimme, gimme! Oh, wait, patience, forgot already! :smiley:

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Games back up! what the heck!!! ALL my Deco Rock #2s are now Rough oortstone Seams!! :wink:

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Blame @dave :laughing:


And what did Dave do? The odd time? Or he created the bug that needed to be squashed? :smiley:

It’s not up tho… hmpf

He set the time :sweat_smile:


Maybe servers are still restarting?

Nah, Kras was joking around! ggrrrrrrr

yes they are…still not online.

Or do we have or should we have or do an update?

Noooope in the middle of reclaiming a beacon too lol hope everything is well when it’s back online

Ah im in yay ^^

did you not know why I love Biitula? Under the mantle I broke though there are Fields of Rough Oortstone and flowers, lots of flowers!

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Back online

confirmed in too

Lasaina is up, not sure about other servers

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