COMPLETE - Guild Buffs, Global Messaging, and Sanctum Editor for PC inbound


Just to let everyone know that we are scheduled to release another update tomorrow.

We’ll have full patch notes to share (but you can see the Testing notes here) but the headline items are some awesome new Guild Buffs, updates to Global Messaging, and the ability (on PC) to edit the Sanctum!

We’ll be taking the servers offline from around 10.30 GMT tomorrow morning, and we’ll be offline for slightly longer than usual - but we’ll keep you all posted of course.

Cheers all, looking forward to sharing this latest update with you all





Edit: Relisted for those who missed it earlier!


Has the hand / smart stack deselection bug been fixed for this release?


Ehmm, I would like to know why this is PC only? Do I need to get worried for the future prefab editor to be PC only as well?

Ehhhh, is there more in this update then you’ve told us, hmm? New exo planets, hmm? hmmm?


Sony explicitly disallows debug UI from being pushed to live games (there’s a comment somewhere, but I’m struggling to find it…).

And, I assume, building a real UI for it is a lot of work that would be better spent elsewhere, unfortunately


Shame tho, since if the prefab editor won’t be available on ps4 I won’t be interested at all to rent a planet and will seriously consider leaving the game.

Not getting the same features as on pc would be utterly disgusting as I’m sure you would also be up in arms if it was the other way around


We may not be able to give access to a debug mode but they could always create a GUI for the sanctum editor like a creative mode.

I imagine any type of prefab or blueprints on the live servers will be a new interface and not through the debug menu. I’m sure PS4 will end up with the same features, it will just take time and they are trying it out on PC first.


As @nevir has responded - PlayStation will not allow us to publish an update that presents any debugging or development GUI. I don’t agree with this. But we need to follow their rules if we want to publish updates.

So we’re left with a choice, do we:

  1. Expose new prototype features on PC to learn about them whilst we prepare them for full release on all platforms, or
  2. Not expose them to anyone until we prepare them for full release on all platforms.

That’s the plan.

Sometimes we can build features quickly with only a debugging GUI. It’s the GUI that then takes time to create. (Sometimes it’s the other way around!)

We aim for feature parity between PC and PS4.


You guys better watch out; at the rate you guys are picking up with these rollouts you may have a full feature game ready before the end of the year!

These last few updates have been very nice even if they are not bells and whistle systems.


No. It would be irritating but understandable given Sony restrictions.


I personally think that any content added should be for pc and ps4 if one cant have it than it should not be added its not fair to the players of the other system. Idont want to see pc getting features the ps4 isn’t and i dont want ps4 getting features pc doesn’t. Keep it equal


It’s not equal in any game that’s cross-platform.


Thanks for the back handed compliment.


Lol, I noticed that too, haha


Take it how you like. I purchased a game on the PS4 that I thought was a fully featured game. Yet I’ve stuck around, purchased gleam club, as well as a few pc copies.

I’m anxious for the day you guys have released the game I thought I had originally purchased.

To clarify, it wasn’t a back handed compliment but if that is how you want to interpret it then fine. Im quite happy with how the updates have rolled out as of late and I wish half of them had been in when I purchased the game. You guys don’t get to have it both ways. You released a product that was not as advertised. You can stomach the upset some of us have from that or complain when you don’t like what we say.


No, it would be disgusting since Sony does have restrictions on certain things but any and all feature they want to add they can code in such a way that it would not bother Sony. So if they decide to not do it like that IT SURE AS HECK would be a terrible thing and not something that is going to be ‘understandable’.

How much outcry do many PC players go thru when they have the slightest inkling a console is ‘holding back’ a game? Even when it’s not the case at all.

But James just said they are going for feature parity and that this is more an extended testing thing which will eventually end up in a different way on PS4…

So I’m not worried. I do however find it severely odd that PC players feel that it would be ok if there was no parity!!


Good stuff. Keep them coming. Also my altar is ready for exo planet.