Complete: Looking to Buy Silk Cobalt Gleam (Marcornus)


I am offering 35k coin for 3 smart stacks (2700) of Silk Cobalt Gleam.


I have two smart stacks, but won’t be on until later :confused:


I wont be on until later, at work now. I can buy from you at 13 coin per Silk Cobalt gleam.


Sounds fine to me. 1800 silk cobalt gleam is yours for 23,400 coin in six hours, friend


Aww beaten to it. Dont want to hijack someone elses deal, but if its urgent i do have it


If OP and you meet first, it’s fair game


I do like to work by first come first serve. I would need an additional smart stack though. If you are will to part with one for 11,700 and can meet tonight as well.


I will PM you around that time to meet up.


It isn’t urgent, I just don’t know if I will have time to farm the gleam this week.


Cool. If I’m on a bit earlier, I’ll be sure to let you know