[Complete] Offline from 10AM BST (9AM UTC)


I think if you ate that and somehow managed to survive you would still have to live with consequences for a couple of says… worth it? Personally I’d prefer a farage milkshake…well, 2, one for me and one for him (sorry, British politics cropping up…)


Lactose intolerant so either one would have consequences :joy:


Is there a rough idea of how long the down time normally lasts?


Usually not long, thought they had been putting an eta for completion in the warning.

Didn’t notice one this time.


Munchie box?


Not sure - updates usually take longer than small hotfixes so I’m a bit allergic to giving ETAs, but we’ll let you know once we’re up and running!


The breakfast of champions. It’s said that Robert the Bruce had one on the morning before Bannockburn!


Thank you, ô powerful updater. :smiley:


And we’re back! Full patch notes are inbound folks


how can you do this to me now I want some to xD


I… feel a need to poke that with a stick… but I’m afraid it might attack.

(backs away slowly)


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